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Peat fire on Bone Lake by moonlight

I didn’t bring a camera.  Instead, I’ll try for a thousand words. Last weekend, Scott Norr and I trekked north of Finland into the Superior National Forest – not quite into the BWCA.  Last fall, I upgraded my winter gear … Continue reading

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Swine from a father’s point-of-flu

Aaargh!  My daughter has spent the whole year studying at the UDLA in Cholula, Mexico.  She’s got three weeks to go, and now this swine flu breaks out!  My first reaction was that Mexico’s a big country, and she’s not … Continue reading

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Show Couch 2009

Here’s 2 minutes of pure joy.  [youtube]JMdFe9s1HP8[/youtube] In some parts of Canada, they’d call this a snow chesterfield.

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Wolf Kill on Snowbank

Two a.m. Saturday morning I woke up from the hard ground, but I was still warm, and happy about it.  There were only six hours until sunrise, I could feel nine toes, and I was confident that Scott wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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Mom and Pops Abroad: a brief tour of Cholula

We really had a great time with Kylie in Cholula last week, mostly because we hadn’t seen her for three months, a new experience for us, and mostly because she’s doing so well on her own in the wide world (more … Continue reading

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Fish on. I had the big one…

This is Ken.  If you have a hairy mole in the middle of your forehead, Ken will ask, “You just ugly, or do you want me to remove that there hairy mole with my fillet knife?”  And he’ll pronounce the “t.”  At … Continue reading

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Holding Goats

I nearly forgot this one.  We passed a lot of livestock on the way to Hinkley – mostly aromatic hogs.  However, my favorite were the aromatic goats.  Here, Andy holds one in the palm of his hand. Sing with me.  … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Straggler: a brief Minnesota bicycle tour

Yes, my sabbatical was over in May, but parts of it straggle on. Included in my sabbatical plan was a poorly conceived goal of taking a bicycle tour of northern Minnesota. It was my dream to bike up the North … Continue reading

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I’m back, and with (stolen) tornado footage

Who knew my blogging hiatus would be noticed? Life got really wild in June and I got complacent living the unexamined life. Luckily, gentle bloggers Sarah and David have coaxed me back. I’ll begin with something simple. I just returned … Continue reading

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Hope for Pedestrians Everywhere!

My brother Karl sent me this interview with Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogota about redesigning our cities, and therefore our cultures. Check it out.

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