Swine from a father’s point-of-flu

Aaargh!  My daughter has spent the whole year studying at the UDLA in Cholula, Mexico.  She’s got three weeks to go, and now this swine flu breaks out!  My first reaction was that Mexico’s a big country, and she’s not in Mexico City where the epidemic is concentrated.  We should just have her sit tight.  Then our friend Barb, a nurse at the UMD student health clinic, told us, “It’s time to bring her home.”  Her position was that Mexico was no place to be sick.  Finishing her semester through would work out somehow.

Less than six hours later, Kylie called to say that Mexico City has closed its airport and UDLA has closed its campus.  As of this moment, she’s literally stuck there, washing her hands frequently and not kissing anyone.  That’s all I know.

I don’t know much.  Aargh!


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  1. David says:

    I hear ya.

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