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True and Notso

Alright, wise guys.  How well do you know me?  One of these is true, and the other is notso. Since I’m visually impaired, the U.S. Military wouldn’t take me.  I was born in Canada, however, giving me dual citizenship, so … Continue reading

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A Golden Retriever, a Walleye, and an Egg Salad Sandwich

  Monday was opening fishing for the stretch of the St. Louis River between the Fond du Lac bridge and dam. The walleyes spawn there, and the DNR likes to protect them until May 19. If you’re a spawning walleye, … Continue reading

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Lives on the Boundary

The last book on my sabbatical reading list was Mike Rose’s Lives on the Boundary. Part memoir, part rhetorical theory, part public policy polemic, and always engaging, re-reading it was well worth my time. I’d forgotten that CCCC ’93 in … Continue reading

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Broken tooth is breaking my heart

Maritha broke her front tooth yesterday. I wince thinking about it, but it wasn’t bloody or nearly as painful as I’d first imagined it. From what she says, she was following her friend through a school door and wasn’t paying … Continue reading

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Beethoven, a man, and a rose

or What my wife told me in the stairs There’s nothing about listening to Beethoven that’s usual for Sherry. It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy it; she does, but the old deaf white guy doesn’t get much play in our … Continue reading

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