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Blogging Matters

My friend David recently reminded me that blogging matters.� He wrote, “Dude”�write, or post some pictures or something”�geez.”� This reminded me that, as a blogger, I have civic responsibilities.� People out there are depending on us to tell the truth, … Continue reading

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Things I do when I should be grading essays

I’ve got 70 essays to grade.� To make matters worse, it’s Saturday, and I promised my students I’d have them done by Tuesday.��If I’d done what I’d originally planned – graded 10 every day starting Tuesday – I’d have 30 … Continue reading

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Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

Theology isn’t normally on my reading list, but David Carlson recommended�Marcus Borg�to me after we’d discussed the role of creeds in mainline denominations one night (referenced by Borg in his discussion of the Council of Nicea). To summarize, Meeting Jesus … Continue reading

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Kipple and Human Development

“Kipple drives out nonkipple.”? –J.R. Isadore in Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep I was recently admiring baby Juniper along with Susan and Theresa at LSC. Juniper’s mom, Amy Jo, had her along on a baby-goes-to-work day. … Continue reading

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Post-Storm along Miller Creek

The snowshoeing mentioned in my last entry was postponed by a day due to Monopoly. We’re approaching 48 hours now that our street hasn’t been plowed, so with no one going anywhere, we hunkered down over the familiar board last … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

This is mostly for my Hawaiian readers.� Here’s the view from my living room looking�east yesterday. Winds were gusting over 60 mph from the east (from the lake) and snow was falling 1-3 inches/hour.� The wind leaves some places completely … Continue reading

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