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I am the Messanger

This Markus Zusak (I’m thinking pen name) 2002 book won the American Library Association’s Michael L. Prinz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature.� There’s a big silver P on the cover.� I read it on the recommendation of a … Continue reading

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Barry’s “The Ugly Truth about Beauty”

I have some experience with what Dave grapples with in this piece.� I’m a man.� I have a wife, Sherry.� Sherry asks me regularly about her hair.� Writes Barry, “If you’re a man, and a woman asks you how she … Continue reading

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The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

OK, so everyone else was reading this eight years ago.� It’s true, my reading list is behind the curve.� I get around to the hot books somewhere between eight and forty years after my sister’s book club.� My reading list … Continue reading

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FYE Blog Assignment 2 – First FYE Blog

Remember those goals that were due Week 4?� Rewrite them, or copy and paste them, into a blog entry.� Update them if they need updating.� To write something, from your Dashboard, choose Write. Under Write, choose Write Post Title your … Continue reading

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FYE Blog Assignment 1 – Creating Categories

From your Dashboard, choose Manage.� Under Manage, choose Categories.� There, choose Create New Category. Create a category called FYE 1000. Create other categories that you might see yourself using.� For example, if you’re into music and you can see yourself … Continue reading

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Saying good-bye to Perry O’Dontle

At my semi-annual dental checkup last week, I put my hygenist to the test.� She and her kind have been harping about flossing for decades.� I heed the brow-beating each time, too.� Authority figures in flowery smocks make me termble.� … Continue reading

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If you’re my student…

I’ve asked my Comp 1 and�Intro to College�students to�start blogs this week.� I didn’t really explain why very well. If you’re a Comp 1 student,�your blog�is primarily a place to do some journalling, but in a fairly public setting.� Starting … Continue reading

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