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In defense of inside jokes, words, and zwieback

My previous entry takes my daughter to task for having public convesations filled with private references.� I should be ashamed of myself. I’m not, but thinking back, I was party to a few noteable inside jokes myself.� My cousin, Mark, … Continue reading

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On conversations punctuated by psss! over spaghetti

Watching my kids grow up has been a hobby of mine for over seventeen years now.� Lately, however, as my daughters have wandered into their teenage years, it hasn’t always looked like progress. Last night was�case in point.� My eldest’s … Continue reading

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Second try at some audio (with special thanks to Barry!)

Ahem!� As I was saying, here are a few good moments you can hear for yourself (see end). Could it really be this simple?� Let’s give a listen… Kansas City That was nice.� Let’s try another. Spoons Maybe I’m reaching, … Continue reading

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A Few Good Moments

Some guys and I have been playing together off and on for several years now.� After one of our recent sessions, Greg offered up the obvious question.� “Why aren’t we any better?”� No one had any answers. My goal was … Continue reading

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In Cold Blood

I’ve never read�any true crime.� For my first one, I guess it was fitting that I should pick up Truman Capote.� It was pretty darned good. It’s the story of the Clutter murder in Holcolm, Kansas in 1959.� I’m not … Continue reading

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The Fallen Man

I whipped through this 1997 Tony Hillerman in two days.� I don’t think I’ve read a Hillerman for ten years, so it’s fitting that I picked up this decade old work. I lived on the rez in Shiprock from 1986-91, … Continue reading

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My Antonia

My wife brought this Willa Cather classic home from the Peace Church library recently.� I’d just finished another book and it was handy, so I read it. The only other Cather I’ve ever read was Death Comes to the Archbishop, … Continue reading

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A correction, a fish tank, and the phantom railroad accident

First I must correct factual information in my previous entry.� I don’t know what blogger etiquette is, but instead of actually editing the entry, I’m doing it this way.� I thank my mother, Phyllis, and my brother, Karl, for filling … Continue reading

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Buckles, hour glasses, and other useful information from my eye doctor

Yesterday I spent some time with my eye doctor, Dr. Herbert Cantrill.� I live with a congenital condition called juvenile retino-schesis.� Among many things, this means I visit Dr. Cantrill annually.� To be honest, it had been three years.� My … Continue reading

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Write Now

I remember first hearing a reference to “blog” on MPR several years ago.� Some minor Washington staffer was blogging, revealing inside information about Washington somebodies, and everyone was reading it…everyone but me, of course. Several years later, I’m�writing my innagural … Continue reading

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