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Writing Partnerships: Service-Learning in Composition

Thomas Deans is one of only a few SL/Composition gurus that’s publishing, and Writing Partnerships is a great resource for instructors like me at two-year institutions like Lake Superior College. The book is both theoretical and practical, and Deans uses … Continue reading

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The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

After I got off the plane in New Orleans a few weeks ago, I proceeded to get on the wrong shuttle, which took me to the wrong hotel (glazed with rain water, beside the white chickens). Turns out that Hilton … Continue reading

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Out of the Silent Planet

After reading Surprised by Joy, I got a hankering to reread C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet, which I’d enjoyed in my youth. I had this notion that it might fit into my Science Fiction class next fall. Upon … Continue reading

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A Sucker Runs Through It

There’s a scene at the end of A River Runs Through It where Paul (Brad Pitt) has the big one on, and wades down the raging torrent engaged in the epic struggle between fish and man. He’s thoroughly enraptured, and … Continue reading

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(De)Constructing 4C(s) (Con)ference T(it)les: Attending CCCC again for the first time

And now for the personal challenge. Sarah threw down the gauntlet in regard to my claim that I could write a poem completely from Postmodern CCCC 2008 conference titles.� (Yes, in one broad sweep I’m lumping Postmodern and Deconstructionist et … Continue reading

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CCCC 2008 New Orleans

One of the great perks of my sabbatical is that I got to attend the Conference on College Composition and Communication in New Orleans a few weeks ago. The knock against CCCC in community college circles is this; it’s a … Continue reading

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In line with the Bayou Steppers

While visiting with Rachel and Abram of the Neighborhood Story Project in New Orleans Saturday (April 5), Sherry and I found out that there would be a Second Line Parade noon the next day starting at some obscure street intersection … Continue reading

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New Orleans: a quick tour 30 months post-Katrina

First, an apology. My photography here is pathetic. My kids (on a school trip) had the digital camera, and in an effort to travel light, neither Sherry nor I brought our good 35mm with us to New Orleans, so I … Continue reading

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Getting out of the French Quarter

Last week I went to the CCCC convention in New Orleans. It was a great conference, but the best part of it happened afterwards when Sherry and I got out of the Quarter and adjacent hotel district and into the … Continue reading

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Surprised by Joy

I was in a religious book store with my brother and sister-in-law who were in possession of a 40% off coupon expiring that day. It was clear that I would commit a sin if I didn’t save some money, and … Continue reading

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