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Blog 1 Dinner

I would love to have dinner with John Prine.  He’s my favorite folk singer, he’s 73 years old, has survived cancer twice, and has never eaten a green vegetable.  I’ll have to specifically ask for a salad if I want … Continue reading

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Phyllis Dalager: Still Playing on the Black Keys

Note:  I wrote this a few years ago along with my Comp I students.  It’s about time I published it!  Happy Mother’s Day 2016, Mom:) It still amazes me. Mom would be in the kitchen and I’d need a break … Continue reading

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2   One hundred hours before the election, the Vice President and Jack were together.  They were in a large room packed with other people, but Jack and the Veep knew who mattered. The ride over to Superior had … Continue reading

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Thrown Under the Train (My NaNoWriMo Novel)

Chapter 1 Up ahead, he could see the railroad crossing arm was down.  Coasting downhill the last couple hundred yards, the red lights flashed and the warning bell rang its droning, “Din din din din din.”  The line of cars … Continue reading

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Min-ni-so-ta: Good Island

This post is long overdue, but this May/June, we were visited by Jendrik Leviticus and Eddie James from the Marshall Islands.  Jendrik is Maritha’s grandfather, and Eddie is her biological father, and they came for 16 days to attend her … Continue reading

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One of these is true

I was shot at once.  I was standing on a river island in New Mexico, and I could hear the reports from some bushes on the bank, and then the bullets zipping past me.  I quickly hid. I have a … Continue reading

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An open letter to clandestine smokers on my trail

Sometimes I entertain fair-minded notions about poor smokers.  The unfortunate victims are being hemmed out from every side, persecuted like Salem witches.  On my campus, this has forced smokers to hide part-way down my trail, below prying eyes from the … Continue reading

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Ray Bans they are not; Snarky I am not

Today was my annual eye doctor appointment with my retina specialist, Dr. Sarah Galchus, who is a mystery novelist as well as an opthamologist.  I’ve never asked her about it.  Maybe next year.  According to Amazon, there’s only one copy … Continue reading

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Peat fire on Bone Lake by moonlight

I didn’t bring a camera.  Instead, I’ll try for a thousand words. Last weekend, Scott Norr and I trekked north of Finland into the Superior National Forest – not quite into the BWCA.  Last fall, I upgraded my winter gear … Continue reading

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At the gym

Here is where I reveal just how un-hip I really am.  Big surprise, but I went to the gym today for the first time. I suppose “first” is a little extreme.  I used the “gym” when I was in college … Continue reading

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