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Swine from a father’s point-of-flu

Aaargh!  My daughter has spent the whole year studying at the UDLA in Cholula, Mexico.  She’s got three weeks to go, and now this swine flu breaks out!  My first reaction was that Mexico’s a big country, and she’s not … Continue reading

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Digestive Digest

I’ve been a pretty poor poster recently, and for that I’m sorry.  And what I have posted has mostly been about my digestion.  For that, I’m sorry as well.  It just dawned on my, faithful reader, that I’ve left you … Continue reading

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Maia’s Duluth Central Jazz Band Wins Eau Claire Festival

My daughter Maia plays tenor sax in the Duluth Central Jazz Band.  They’ve really come together this year, and for the first time since forever, have one the festival.  Here’s their performance from the Saturday evening concert featuring Chris Caine … Continue reading

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