Digestive Digest

I’ve been a pretty poor poster recently, and for that I’m sorry.  And what I have posted has mostly been about my digestion.  For that, I’m sorry as well.  It just dawned on my, faithful reader, that I’ve left you hanging in this digestive dirge without resolution.  For all you know, I’m dead.

I’m not.

Here’s an update.  My digestive specialists et al can’t seem to identify my problem.  To review, I feel a regular bloating sensation regardless of what and when I eat.  It starts out slowly each morning, gets worse as the day progresses, and dissipates over night.  Repeat.  It’s been going on now for hearly a year.  I’ve been CAT Scanned, scoped from both ends, tried wheat free and then fructose free diets, and nothing has alleviated the symptoms or revealed any serious problems (good news).  I don’t have cancer or an ulcer, anyway.

Dr. Mother has now recommended acidophilus, which is a bacteria that supposed to aid digestion and decrease vaginal yeast infection, among other things.  I’ve been taking it for four days and think I might be experiencing some mild relief.  It might be in my head, or it might be in my abdomen.  I’m going to keep it up for awhile, anyway.

Ironically, the doctors have me scheduled to take a breath test for an over-production of bacteria, but I won’t have that for over a month (scheduling challenges).

One final note: Gax-X also seems to give me slight, but not total relief.  I hope you can sleep better now.


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  1. Jen says:

    My Mother has these same problems, bloating all day, gas and general digestive problems. What helped her the most is Garden of Life probotic. It has many different strains of good bacteria not just acidophilus. She has gotten great relief and could not be happier. Just thought I’d let you know her experience.

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