Update on situation H1N1: Offspring south of the border

I’m mostly impressed by my sensitivity to the pork industry.  I’ve made the complete conversion to the H1N1 moniker.

Regarding daughter x, though, who has been re-enacting the whole Romero cannon and its sequels with her friend cuacho at an undiscolsed location (stiff-limbed H1N1 victims roam the streets, moaning and pawing at the cuacho family casa where la familia brava waits behind sofa and table barracade with heavy artillery – daughter x with the Derringer), I’m unable to give too many details due to facts that I’m not at liberty to discuss.  I will, however, share what I can:

  • There is a plan to get daughter x out alive
  • It’s a good plan
  • It’s a secret plan
  • By the time the plan unfolds, it will be obsolete
  • All parties are agreeable to the plan
  • Kiefer Sutherland is not part of the plan
  • Lobo is not part of the plan

Hopefully this satisfies all curiosities.  Sorry to rhap so mysteriously enigmatic, but one must sometimes abide by codes of conduct that can only be explained by a Federal Commission after the fact.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Yo, so…? How are things now?

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