FYE Blog Assignment 2 – First FYE Blog

Remember those goals that were due Week 4?� Rewrite them, or copy and paste them, into a blog entry.� Update them if they need updating.�

To write something, from your Dashboard, choose Write.

  • Under Write, choose Write Post
  • Title your post (in this case Goals)
  • Remember to choose your category (in this case FYE 1000) from the category menu on the right.
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1 Response to FYE Blog Assignment 2 – First FYE Blog

  1. lindseyo says:

    Can I just say that these blogs are rather confusing, and hard to use and manage. I was sent emails telling me that I had comments that I should manage or something, but then I look and there are no comments. Whats that about?
    Lindsey O

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