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True and Notso

Alright, wise guys.  How well do you know me?  One of these is true, and the other is notso. Since I’m visually impaired, the U.S. Military wouldn’t take me.  I was born in Canada, however, giving me dual citizenship, so … Continue reading

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Sabbatical Notes From Underground: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

I first read Paulo Freire 17 years ago in graduate school. What I remember was that Pedagogy was challenging and difficult to apply to an American context, but it also transformed how I saw my relationship to students and clarified … Continue reading

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Barry’s “The Ugly Truth about Beauty”

I have some experience with what Dave grapples with in this piece.� I’m a man.� I have a wife, Sherry.� Sherry asks me regularly about her hair.� Writes Barry, “If you’re a man, and a woman asks you how she … Continue reading

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