Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 2204 - Calculus I

Catalog Description

MATH 2204 Calculus I (5 credits)
The first course in single variable calculus. Topics include limits,
continuity, fundamentals of differentiation, differentiation of
trigonometric functions, application of derivatives, indefinite and
definite integrals, calculus of exponential and logarithmic functions,
calculus of trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, and
hyperbolic functions. MTC goal areas: (2) Critical Thinking and (4)
Mathematical/Logical Reasoning. (Prerequisites: MATH1100 and
MATH1130 or MATH1150) (5 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

A student should get 100 or more on the College Level Math test of the Accuplacer Placement test. See  If the student scores slightly less than 100 and has already taken the equivalent of the Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry course at the high school or college level, they may opt to brush up on their skills and take the test again or contact the instructor of the Calculus I section they wish to enroll in to inquire of the possibility of an override.

General Information

Calculus 1 is a course taken by students generally pursuing one of the following goals:

  • The student needs Calculus 1, Math 2204, to satisfy a prerequisite for a calculus-based course in physics or chemistry.
  • The student intends to take Calculus 2 as part of the requirements for a future degree in science or engineering.

Note that some colleges and universities may require a specialized calculus course for students pursuing a degree in biology.  Students should check with the particular college they intend to attend to see if Math 2204 will satisfy their degree requirement.

How is Math 2204 Different From Finite Math & Survey of Calculus?

Math 2204 (Calc I) is a trigonometry-based course in calculus that fulfills prerequisite requirements for science and engineering courses such as calc-based physics and calc-based chemistry as well as upper division courses in 4-yr schools such as heat transfer and or fluid mechanics. Math 1160, (Finite Math & Survey of Calculus), on the other hand, fulfills degree requirements for 4-year degrees in Business and Accounting.  Math 1160 does not require trigonometry as a prerequisite.