Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 0450 - Prealgebra

Catalog Description

MATH0450 Pre-Algebra 4 credits(F/S)
This course covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals,
ratio/proportions, percent, U.S. and metric measure, signed
numbers, algebraic expressions, linear equations, applied
geometry, and exponents. (Prerequisites: Appropriate
placement test score) (4 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

Currently, students are only given the Elementary Algebra placement test and are placed into Prealgebra if they do not place into Algebra I.  There is discussion to perhaps give the Arithmetic test (not currently given) to those that do not place into Algebra I to determine whether or not the student should brush up on arithmetic skills before taking Prealgebra. Another option for students needing a slower pace is the modular self-paced course Math 0510 – Math Foundations I, that will be offered starting in the Fall 2014 Semester.

General Information

This course is the first developmental math course offered by LSC and is taken as a general requirement for some programs, or is followed by Math 0460 (Algebra I), Math 0470 (Algebra II), and then Math 1100 (College Algebra). There is a very quick review of operations with whole numbers followed by operations with signed (positive and negative) numbers, operations with fractions and decimals, operations with algebraic expressions, solution of simple linear equations, exponent laws, percents, and a few topics in geometry.

It is strongly recommended that the combined Algebra I and Algebra II course, Math 048, not be taken by students completing this Pre-algebra course unless they get an A grade in Pre-algebra. This is due to the fact that Math 0480 covers 6 credits worth of material (Math 0460 and Math 0470) in only 5 credits. The pace of the Math 0480 course is often too fast for those with little or no previous algebra coursework.