Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 1125 - Finite Math & Survey of Calculus

Catalog Description

MATH 1125 Finite Math & Survey of Calculus (5 credits)
This course covers functions, matrices, systems of linear equations and inequalities, introduction to linear programming, finance, and an introduction to calculus with an emphasis on business applications. (Prerequisites: MATH1100 or appropriate placement test score) (5 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

A student should get 78 or higher on the College Level Math test of the Accuplacer Placement test. See  If the student scores slightly less than 78 and have already taken three full years of Algebra at the high school level, they may opt to brush up on their skills and take the test again or contact the instructor of the Finite Math & Survey section they wish to enroll in to inquire of the possibility of an override.

General Information

Finite Math & Survey of Calculus is also a course offered by University of Minnesota – Duluth for students pursuing a business or accounting degree. The course at Lake Superior College uses a near identical outline and text. As such, the student can start in on their business or accounting 4-year degree while completing other general requirements at Lake Superior College. Furthermore, this course will transfer as Survey of Calculus to nearly any other 4-year college.