Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 0510 - Math Foundations 1

Course Number, Title, and Credits:  Math 0510, Math Foundations 1, 3 Credits

Hours Per Week___3___ Lecture__3___ Lab_____

Course Description: This is a self-paced, skill mastery developmental mathematics course. It is an individualized, computer-based learning experience which is an alternative delivery to the traditional developmental math sequence offered at Lake Superior College. The instructor will provide instruction, guidance, and monitor progress. A course placement test will determine which modules a student has yet to complete. Students must complete a minimum of five modules in modules 1 – 9 or four modules in modules 6 – 17 with 80% mastery to pass the course; however students have the option of completing as many modules as needed in one semester.

  • Students mastering modules 1 – 9 will have completed the equivalent of Math 0450 Pre-Algebra
  • Students mastering modules 1 – 13 will have completed the equivalent of Math 0460 Algebra 1
  • Students mastering modules 1 – 17 will have completed the equivalent of Math 0470 Algebra 2

If students in the 500 series choose to register in the traditional developmental math sequence, the completion of module equivalents or a new Accuplacer score (at student cost) will determine their placement. MATH 500 Series 1 is a pre-requisite course to MATH 500 Series 2 where students will be able to continue their individual developmental mathematical studies without repetition of previously mastered modules. If, after completing Math 0510, 3 or fewer modules are needed to complete up through module 17 (Algebra 2), the student should take Math 0540.

Note that the modules consist of the Course Outcomes listed below.

Grading Method:  A-F

Prerequisites: Students must have taken the Accuplacer Mathematics Exam and placed in the Developmental Math sequence.

Course Outcomes (Modules):
The student will be able to master 4 or more Modules in:
1. Whole numbers
2. Integers
3. Algebraic expressions
4. Fractions
5. Decimals
6. Ratios, proportions, measurement
7. Percent
8. Geometry
9. Linear equations and Inequalities
10. Graphing linear equations (Algebra I Equivalent, Mods 10 – 13)
11. Systems of Equations
12. Polynomials and exponents
13. Factoring polynomials and solving
14. Rational expressions (Algebra II Equivalent, Mods 14 – 17)
15. Functions
16. Radical expressions and functions
17. Quadratic functions and equations

College-Wide Outcome: Intellectual and Practical Skills
• Competencies Addressed: Synthesis and application