Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 1130 - Trigonometry

Catalog Description

MATH 1130 Trigonometry (3 credits)
Angles, circular functions, identities, right triangles, Law
of Sines, Law of Cosines, trigonometric equations, vectors,
trigonometric form of complex numbers, and applications. MTC
goal areas: (2) Critical Thinking and (4) Mathematical/Logical
Reasoning. (Prerequisites: MATH1100 or equivalent) (3 hrs lec/0
hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

A student should get 78-99 on the College Level Math test of the Accuplacer Placement test. See The student scoring 100 or higher should consider taking  Calculus I if they have already taken a course with a trigonometry component in high school. Typically, a “Senior Math” or “Pre-Calculus” course in high school will contain a trigonometry component. If the student scores slightly less than 78 and have already taken a pre-calculus course at the high school level, they may opt to brush up on their skills and take the test again or contact the instructor of the Trigonometry section they wish to enroll in to inquire of the possibility of an override.

General Information

Trigonometry is a course taken by students generally pursuing one of the following goals:

  • The student intends to take Calculus as part of the requirements for a future degree in science or engineering.
  • The student is not taking Finite Math and Survey of Calculus as part of a Business or Accounting degree. This Finite Math and Survey of Calculus course does not require trigonometry.
  • Even though the student is not required to take Trigonometry nor are they planning on subsequent math coursework, they think they may pursue a degree in science, engineering, or business at some point in the future.

How is Trigonometry Different From Pre-Calculus?

Pre-Calculus is the equivalent of taking both College Algebra and Trigonometry in a single semester. In fact, the same book is used for Pre-Calculus as is used for both College Algebra and Trigonometry. So a student finishing College Algebra should not take Pre-Calculus. Rather, they should take Trigonometry or the Survey of Calculus course.

Another difference is that Pre-Calculus, at 5 credits, is taught at a much faster pace than either College Algebra or Trigonometry since it must cover what College Algebra and Trigonometry cover in 7 total credits.