Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 1105 - Principles of Math

Catalog Description

MATH 1105 Principles of Mathematics (3 credits)
Problem solving, numeration methods and mathematical systems,
sets, symbolic logic, probability and statistics, and applications
of mathematics. For all students in a liberal education program.
MTC goal areas: (2) Critical Thinking and (4) Mathematical/Logical
Reasoning. (Prerequisites: MATH0460 with a “C” or better or
appropriate placement test score) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

A student should get 71-120 on the Elementary Algebra test of the Accuplacer Placement test. See  An Elementary Algebra test score lower than 71 is indication that the student should take the Algebra 1 or Pre-Algebra.  The student scoring 71 or higher on the Elementary Algebra test should consider taking the College Level Math placement test to see if they can place into College Algebra.  Generally, a student would not take the College Level Math placement test unless they had completed Intermediate Algebra (2nd year of algebra) in high school or completed the equivalent of the LSC Algebra II course in some college or university.

General Information

Principles of Math is a course taken by students generally pursuing one of the following goals:

  • The student does not intend to take Trigonometry and then Calculus as part of the requirements for a future degree in science or engineering.
  • The student does not intend to take Finite Math and Survey of Calculus as part of a Business or Accounting degree.
  • The student needs Math 1105 to satisfy an AAS degree requirement.
  • The student is pursuing a degree in a liberal arts field such as sociology, psychology, or some other humanity, and the college or university they will attend does not require pre-calculus or calculus for their choice of degree.
  • The student wishes to take this course instead of General Statistics to get a foundation in some of the basic principles of statistics.

What Can I Expect To Learn in This Course?

Principles of Math is commonly known as a “Liberal Arts Math Course”.  As such, there is a certain amount of flexibility in what and how topics are taught. Still, a student should expect to learn how to correctly using logical arguments & symbolic logic, logic applied to applications, probability and counting methods applied to real-world problems, introduction to statistics principles, and possibly some topics in finance such as loan payments and interest formulas.