Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 0445 - Math Study Skills

Course Title, Number, and Credits: Math Study Skills,  MATH 0445 Credits:1

Hour Per Week:1 Lecture 1 Lab 0 OJT 0

Catalog Description: This course is designed to help students succeed in math courses. Topics include: time management, how studying for math is different than other subjects, sequential learning, test anxiety, test taking tips, learning styles, memory techniques, goal setting, how to effectively seek help, and preparing for finals.

Grading Method: A-F

Prerequisites: Instructor consent

Course Outcomes: The student will be able to:

  • Acquire skills and knowledge for better success and retention in math courses
  • Learn how studying for math is different than studying for other subjects
  • Learn how to effectively seek help and ask questions for optimal retention
  • Set reasonable and achievable goals for success
  • Reduce negative self-talk and other factors that may limit success

Recommended Class Size: 25

College-Wide Outcomes: Personal and social responsibilities

  • Self-development and lifelong learning

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Evaluative Techniques and Grading Scale:
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