Lake Superior College Mathematics Department

Math 0460 - Algebra I

Catalog Description

MATH0460 Algebra 1 –  3 credits(F/S)
This course covers elementary equations and inequalities, graphing,
systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, and applications.
(Prerequisites: MATH0450 or appropriate placement test score) (3
hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Placement Information

A student should get 36-70 on the Elementary Algebra test of the Accuplacer Placement test. See A score lower than 36 is indication that the student should take Prealgebra. Currently there is discussion of having students take the Arithmetic test if they do not place into Algebra I.

General Information

After successfully completing Algebra I, the student may then take the math courses Algebra II (Math 0470)  or Principles of Math (Math 1105). Generally, a student continues in the algebra sequence if they intend on eventually taking College Algebra (Math 1100) and then perhaps even Trigonometry and Calculus. The Alg I, Alg II, College Alg, Trig sequence is sometimes referred to as the “calculus track” where as the Alg I, Principles of Math sequence is sometimes referred to as the “liberal arts track”. The calculus track is taken by students intending to go into areas of science and math such as engineering, biology, geology, chemistry, computer science, and physics. Note that some “non science” degrees at some colleges may require College Algebra. For example, many pre-law degrees require pre-calculus. In summary, if possible, the student should check degree requirements of the 4-year college or university they intend to attend.

In addition, Lake Superior College now offers a business major track where the student would take Alg I, Alg II, College Algebra, Finite Math & Survey of Calculus.