Live at the Blue Note

Last month The Larrys played at the Blue Note Cafe in Canal Park on a Wednesday night. We played again this past Wednesday. I think we’re going to try to play there once a month, probably the first or second Wednesday. Elusive we are…

Here’s a sampling.

  • All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)

All Along the Watchtower

  • Spoons (Dalager)


  • White Freightliner (Van Zandt)

White Freightliner

Catch us if you can.

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3 Responses to Live at the Blue Note

  1. David says:

    Very nice! Reminds me of the SHS bandroom.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    With the $2,000 fee you reap each time you play, and your off-the-top “unofficial manager’s” cut, you’ll be able to retire in 2010.

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