Snakes on the Trail

Munger2Late August and early September have be absolutely spectacular here.  This is good because the rest of the summer was miserable – cool, wet, and climate changed.

To celebrate, Maia, our friend Andy, and I biked down to Moose Lake State Park on the Willard Munger State Trail.  Actually, Andy left us for another woman at TJ’s Country Corner in Mahtowa, but Sherry, Kylie, and Maritha met Maia and I at the park and we had our first and last camp of the summer.  A good time was had by all.

Round trip, we biked just under 100 miles in two days.  Here’s proof that I was there.


Here’s Maia in front ot Ske’s in Moose Lake (ask Kylie).


And here’s the crew in Andy’s front yard.  We look fresh, don’t we?


Snakes were sunning themselves on the trail – must be the season.  Other highlights were singing “Redemption Song” in the TJ’s parking lot with Towa from Mahtowa (random Belizian guy with a drum just jammin’), perfectly cooked hobo dinners on the fire, and a moonlit canoe paddle with my woman.  Nice.  Nice.  Very nice.


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