New dirty internet pictures

That’s a pile of freshly screened compost. Sorry if you were expecting something else.

For about four years now, we’ve been composting yard and kitchen waste, and though you haven’t said it, I know you’ve been begging for a tour. Let’s start at Bin #1.

Bin #1 is where all the fresh stuff goes. You can see a lot of kitchen stuff right now. If the grass is heavy, then you’d see clippings. In the fall, you’d see leaves. In tea season, you’d tea leaves.

Bin #2 takes #1 stuff once or twice a summer. This summer I’ve been lazy, so this is the first time I’m rolling stuff over. It looks pretty much like Bin #3 – not as colorful as #1, and more earthy. Speaking of Bin #3…

bin 3

Bin #3 is where it finishes cooking. I’m currently moving matter from here through my screening process and into that pile you saw above.

screen and barrow

The stuff gets placed on the screen, and…


…I mash it around by hand. It’s a rather slow process, but it really creates some lovely stuff. Below are the leavings – wood, mostly, and a few rocks.


The screened mulch goes into our flower gardens, where if we’re lucky, the lilies survive the deer (that battle is another story)…


or our vegetable garden.


This is the west end in the morning. The fence is to keep the deer out, plus Sherry loves how it makes our house look like the Kettle’s. Right now, the beets are really coming. Got beets?


I’m reminded that I’ve got beets every time I use the facilities. Cucumber are also just starting.


The lettuce, spinach, and peas are done, and Sherry just cleaned out the last of the rhubarb (Hawaii can have its pineapples). Beans are in full force, with zucchinis and tomatoes (started from seed by Keith Brakke, thank you) right on their heels. Potatoes will come much later.

I can’t seem to grow onions, though. The plants grow, but the bulbs never amount to anything. Do I need more water? Advice, please.

Next year I’m getting crazy. Brussels Sprouts (it seems like one of those “S’s” in the middle of Brussels Sprouts is unnecessary waste; think I’ll petition my Senator; waste should be composted, not wasted).

Thanks for taking the tour. Stop by the gift shop in the way out.

Photographic Note: I bragged about our new CyberShot a few posts again, but these were all taken with our old Fuji Finepix. The display no longer works, and sometimes I have to press the power button three times to get it to come on, but it does tolerable. Why aren’t I using the CyberShot? Because my daughters have it, naturally. I’ll probably never see it again.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Soil is a commodity here. You’d be a millionaire in Hawaii. You got good dirt.

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