at age 15

Guest poet Kylie writes in honor of Maia’s fifteenth birthday.

at age 15

maiaorange she does a squirmy dance.
hair of a man on her legs,
on her head; of a goddess.
wearer of Chacos,
whose eyes disappear when
she smiles a
grin so wide
her face should split.
heart of a lioness.
squeal of a pig.
skiing peals of laughter
come from deep within
a soul untainted.
no anger over petty fights.
no tears over split milk.
if you squeeze her,
she may pass gas.

proof that Jesus walks the earth.


And a blast from the past. This must be birthday number 10.


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3 Responses to at age 15

  1. Sarah says:

    What a well-said tribute. That grin is priceless.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Your girls kind of make me need to put my head down on the desk and weep a little bit. They are so much of lovely and give me so many glimpses of the future.

    The thing about having such an amazing poem written about you when you’re fifteen is that, well, the rest of life can’t measure up. Who, I ask you, WHO will ever write her a better poem?

    No one.

  3. Huck says:

    You are both wonderful sisters.

    Great poem! Well chosen entries, one ending with “pass gas,” and the next beginning with “blast from the past.” Is this a “found poem”?

    She’ll pass gas
    It’s a blast from the past
    Proof that Jesus walks the earth


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