Introduction to Cell Biology


Introduction to Cell Biology, BIOL1005, is a one credit course covering basic chemistry and cell biology concepts necessary to understand the more complex concepts in the eight-credit anatomy and physiology sequence consisting of Anatomy and Physiology I (API), BIOL1140, and Anatomy and Physiology II (APII), BIOL1141.  Topics  introduced in the classroom setting are reinforced with interesting laboratory activities.

Introduction to Cell Biology serves as a prerequisite for API and is offered the first four or five weeks of the semester.  The on-ground sections have four hours of classroom and four hours of lab per week. This course is also offered on-line.  Additionally, there is an 8-week Introduction to Cell Biology course offered that allows a more relaxed pace. 

Students must pass Introduction to Cell Biology with a C to continue on with the anatomy and physiology sequence. The API sections start the fifth or sixth week of the semester after the Introduction to Cell Biology courses have ended. 

The images above, from left to right, are of DNA extraction, a nerve cell, and and a pH laboratory exercise.