General Biology


Principles of General Biology, BIOL1120, introduces biological concepts including scientific method, basic biological chemistry, metabolism and energy, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, cell structure and function, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, and ecology.  Laboratory activities are designed to support concepts introduced in the classroom and are typically fun and interesting.   The on-ground sections of BIOL1120 have 4 hours of classroom and 2 hours of laboratory per week.  BIOL1120 is also offered on-line.  Students must pass BIOL1120 with a C to be able to take BIOL1130.

General Biology of Organisms, BIOL1130, introduces classification, structure and function of microbes, plants and animals.  The diversity of organisms is seen through studying cellular characteristics, and anatomy and physiology of various organisms.  Students may participate in a service-learning project with an area elementary school.  BIOL1130 is offered on-ground spring semester and has 3 hours of classroom and 4 hours of lab per week.

The sequence of BIOL1120 and BIOL1130 fulfills the general biology requirements for many colleges and universities.  Always be sure to check with the receiving institution to make sure your courses will transfer.