Biology of Women



Biology of Women, BIOL1105, addresses topics in biology emphasizing women’s issues related to health and science.  Topics include anatomy and physiology, reproductive biology, genetic disorders, hormones, and nutrition.  The target student population is anyone, men or women, interested in biological issues affecting women.  Laboratory sessions cover a variety of topics and may include a cosmetics lab and a stress reduction lab.


Biology of Women is a three-credit course offered both on-line and on-ground.  The on-ground sections meet for two hours of classroom instruction and two hours of laboratory per week. It fulfills part of the science requirement for an AA degree and is part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.




This is a photograph of the textbook, Biology of Women, authored by LSC instructors Theresa Hornstein and Jeri Schwerin, published by Cengage Learning.


The lady slipper and iris photographs are by Jeri Schwerin. The yoga and henna photographs are by Theresa Hornstein.