Biology Transfer Agreements

Course to Course Articulation Agreements for Biology Majors


Earn an Associate of Arts degree at Lake Superior College and transfer in as a junior with the first two years of your biology major completed.  Listed below are the courses you would complete at LSC and the equivalent courses at Bemidji State University, St. Cloud State University and Minnesota State Transfer Pathway.

If interested please contact  LSC biology instructor Glenn Merrick.

Lake Superior College courses (credits—lect/lab) 

BIOL1120 Principles of General Biology (5—4/2)
BIOL1130 General Biology of Organisms (5—4/2)
BIOL2005 Molecular and Cellular Biology (4—2.5/3)
BIOL2200 General Ecology (4—2.5/3)
18 credits

Bemidji State University (credits—lect/lab)

BIOL1211 Introduction to Biology I (4—3/2)
BIOL1212 Introduction to Biology II (4—3/2)
BIOL3590 Cell Biology (4—3/3)
BIOL 2610 General Ecology (3)
BIOL2620 Ecology and Field Biology Lab (1—3)
16 credits

St. Cloud State University (credits—lect/lab)

BIOL 151 Cell Function and Inheritance (4—3/2)
BIOL 152 Organismal Diversity (4—3/2)
BIOL 360 Cell Biology (4—3/2)
BIOL 312 General Ecology (4—3/2)
16 credits


University of Wisconsin – Superior
Superior Connection – Sustainable Management Degree Pathway

40 Core Credits + 20 Emphasis Credits at LSC