Zach Bennett

Contact information


Educational Background

B.A. Biology, Catholic Studies, with a Chemistry minor. College of St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN

M.S. Integrated Biosciences. University of Minnesota Duluth


Areas of Interest

Human anatomy and physiology. Ecology of northern Minnesota. Temperate hardwood forests. Invasive earthworms. Best practices in education.



Biol 1000 The Human Body in Health and Disease

Biol 1005 Introduction to Cell Biology

Biol 1007 Biology and Society

Biol 1120 General Biology I

Biol 1140 Anatomy and Physiology I

Biol 1141 Anatomy and Physiology II

Biol 1170 Microbiology

Biol 2170 Pathophysiology



Mountain biking and road cycling. Snow shoeing and Nordic skiing. Fishing, camping, and hunting. Home improvement. Edible landscaping and small space gardening. Baking bread. Puns. The art of being neighborly and the pursuit of virtue. The Catholic intellectual tradition. Spending quality time with family and friends.