Photo: Alaska’s Denali National Park subarctic or taiga ecosystem


Biology and Environmental Science official course descriptions
are on pages 114-116 and on page 141, respectively,
of the current on-line
LSC catalogue .  

Additional, less formal, course information is available
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Biology electives

BIOL1007 Biology and Society
BIOL1009 Introduction to Forensic Biology (offered  spring semester)
BIOL1105 Biology of Women

BIOL1110 Ecology of Minnesota (offered fall semester)
BIOL1120 Principles of General Biology
BIOL1130 General Biology of Organisms (prerequisite required) 

Health program courses

BIOL1000 The Human Body in Health and Disease
BIOL1005 Introduction to Cell Biology
BIOL1140 Anatomy and Physiology I (prerequisite required)
BIOL1141 Anatomy and Physiology II (prerequisite required)
BIOL1170 Microbiology (prerequisite required)
BIOL2170 Pathophysiology (prerequisite required)

Environmental science electives

ENSC1200 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENSC1202 Environmental Science Field Studies
ENSC1300 Meteorology (offered fall semester)
ENSC2999 Special Topics in Environmental Science

The following courses may be offered if enough students express interest.
If interested contact

BIOL1165 Biology of Aging
BIOL2000 Birds of Minnesota (prereqisite required)
BIOL2005 Molecular and Cell Biology (prerequisite required)
BIOL2200 General Ecology (prerequisite required)
BIOL2210 Genetics (prerequisite required)
BIOL2300 Student Research
BIOL2400 Topics in Biology
BIOL2999 Special Topics in Biology