Bridges Program
UMD’s Bridges to the Baccalaureate Degree Program offers opportunities to improve mathematics, science and laboratory skills. These opportunities are available to Lake Superior College students in one of the following groups; underrepresented minority students, first generation college students, or students with low income. The Bridges program offerings include full-time paid eight-week summer research opportunities, part-time paid research assistantships during the academic year, and academic assistance.  For more information visit the Bridge’s website, or contact the LSC Bridges coordinator Terrence Wilcox.

Work Study
The Biology and Environmental Science departments employ work study students in the laboratories to keep the laboratories and preparation areas clean and orderly, clean laboratory glassware and equipment, prepare reagents and microbiology media, properly dispose of biological waste, and other duties as assigned by the laboratory coordinator.  Benefits of working in the Biology and Environmental Science laboratories are flexible hours of employment and resume building laboratory work experience.

Work study students typically work ten hours per week but this may vary based on individual financial aid awards. Interested students who are “work-study eligible” as stated on their financial aid award letter may contact the laboratory coordinator for an application form. View available work study positions.

LSC Scholarships
The Lake Superior College Foundation has established numerous scholarships. See a list of available scholarships and apply.

There are numerous career choices for biology majors including health care, agriculture, molecular biology, forensics, education, environmental careers and many more. Browse the list of careers, and use it as a starting point to begin exploring  possible careers in biology.