Pothole Repairs

Here are three quick things you can do before the end of the semester to make your courses more accessible for next semester.

1.   Get Informed.

Find out why accessible design is important for your students. Learn how universal design motivates all students, not just students with disabilities, to achieve learning outcomes.

Introduction to Web Accessibility” (accessed at http://goo.gl/eTrv8G)

Five Steps to Motivation with Universal Design for Learning” (accessed at https://goo.gl/n5FnWV)

2.  Bookmark the “Cheat Sheets” for making your course content accessible.

There are many resources to help you design accessible course content. Check out these helpful hints:

ROAD Tips of the Week (accessed at http://goo.gl/uV3lyT)

NCDAE Cheatsheets (accessed at http://goo.gl/hUqyPz)

3.  Commit to one accessibility “fix” for one of your courses next semester.

Accessible design is a process, not a check-off item. The best way to achieve accessible design is to make one change at a time. Choose an accessibility fix that will make the most difference to your students and commit to revising your current course materials and to making sure any new course materials meet accessibility standards. Easily upgraded course components are Word documents, links to external websites, or PowerPoints.