Alternate Text

Insert Alternate text using Format Picture.

Provide appropriate alternative text

  • Provide alternative text for images, graphs, charts and tables.
  • Alternative text should present the content and function, not necessarily a description, of an image. Provide a more detailed description of image in a paragraph above or below the image.
  • If an image has no relevant content or function, is decorative, or the alternative text is provided in nearby text, then the image should have empty alternative text if possible (some tools have an option for “blank” or “empty”). If this is not an option, leave the field blank. You should not put empty spaces, empty quotes (except in HTML alt=””), or any other nonsense information in these fields.
  • Avoid words like “picture of,” “image of,” or “link to.”
  • Use the fewest number of words necessary.

Paragraph descriptions – clearly describe the information you want readers to pull from this image in a paragraph above or below the image.

Image Alternative in Microsoft Office 365