PTA Related Links

Sites to Help Improve Study Habits

Study Skills Survey
Study Guides and Strategies – link to multiple web sites that provide tips for studying, note-taking, test-taking, and time management

Improving Study Habits – from EduNova

What is your Learning Style?  (under construction)
A GREAT site for learning muscles!

Sites to Help Write Papers or Answer Questions

Medline Plus – an online medical encyclopedia and more
Library Guide for PTA Students– for Lake Superior College students only; an entry point to search Medline (through PubMed), CINAHL, and other library resources for students
PubMed (Medline) Search
Library services at UM-Duluth

Orthoseek Web Site – a great start for researching MANY, MANY orthopedic conditions
Medscape – free access to journals, databases, and conference summaries

General Physical Therapy Sites

American Physical Therapy Association
Minnesota State Physical Therapy Rules
Minnesota Chapter – APTA Home Page
Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy Home Page

Wisconsin PTA Licensure Information
Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (start here for licensure questions!)
Tips on Preparing to Take the National Licensure Exam

Injury Prevention Resources….

A Back Injury Prevention Guide for Health Care Providers

Study Guides

Helpful hints for remembering the cranial nerves