Graduate Testimonials

What Graduates Of Our Program Say…..


“LSC was a great school to learn and develop my skills as a PTA. The constant in class learning and on site clinic was so much more helpful and preparing than I anticipated, and the teachers and staff do everything they can to help you learn.” – Alli Streed, LSC Graduate of 2018
“The PTA Program at LSC has definitely prepared me for a career in Physical Therapy. The instructors are very knowledgeable and very helpful. As long as you do exactly what is asked of you in the program, you will be successful. That is exactly how I succeeded in the PTA Program at Lake Superior College.” – Jamie Vesel, PTA, Class of 2016
“The LSC PTA program was the most challenging two years of my education, but it was the best decision I ever made.  The program, clinic, and clinical experiences prepared me for real life situations, and I went into the National Boards feeling confident because of the rigorous testing from our teachers. It helped me find my passion for helping others. I was offered a job months before graduation and I was more than prepared to start my career.  Thank you LSC PTA program.” – Samantha Swenson, 2011 LSC Graduate
“I think it’s a great program. You leave it feeling confident in your well-rounded knowledge. The onsite clinic and the patients offer a different and real-time view of how to manage your time, interventions, etc., that you won’t get from just a class room scenario; and for this you are more prepared for the clinicals. Awesome instructors as well.” – Vicki K, 2009 LSC Graduate
“Lake Superior College Physical Therapist Assistant Program is a hands-on, dedicated program to start your career as a PTA. As a PTA for 18 years, I give credit and appreciation to the knowledge base, experience, and learning the program provided me. I have been able to work in multiple settings including school setting, long term, short term care, out-patient, and now in home care setting.” – Amy Haedrich, 2001 LSC Graduate
“The LSC PTA program has a great personality! It fit me perfectly and the instructors were not only extremely knowledgeable, but also very fun! The student run clinic provides the students with invaluable experience prior to beginning their internships. I graduated from the program in 2007, and I still keep in touch with Jane and the rest of the instructors. I recommend this program to anyone seeking to join the PTA ranks!”     -Alex Hart PTA, LSC Alumnus
“Working with patients in our new clinic really helped me prepare for clinicals and (become) comfortable with patient problems.” -Laura , 2000 PTA Graduate
“The PTA Program in general was a great experience. The instructors made it easy to come to class each day.” – Kurt Michalicek, 2000 PTA Graduate
“I really felt that the instructors wanted the students to learn. They really did everything that they could to help us become the best we could.” – Jason R. Reinarz, 2000 PTA Graduate
“Opening of the clinic was an exceptional and rewarding experience.” – Chris Claveau, 2000 PTA Graduate
“I am very grateful to the staff at LSC. They have helped me in so many directions. The PTA program is great and I already had a job before graduation. I felt very prepared to start working in the field of physical therapy. At first I felt I wouldn’t make it, but I stuck through the program and am very grateful.” – Leanne Williams, 1996 PTA Graduate
“Coming from a four-year college to Lake Superior College is like night and day. You are not just a number but an individual with a name. Being a graduate of the PTA program gives me an unlimited number of choices for my life. This could not have happened without the help of the staff in my program and at Lake Superior College.” -Ron Winans, 1996 PTA Graduate
“What I liked best about the PTA program was the helpfulness of the instructors. All of my questions were always addressed, and the clinical affiliations helped me to prepare for the great career I have now that I have graduated.” – Bobbi Swiering, 1993 PTA Graduate