PTA Program Costs

NOTE:  All costs are estimated only

On-Campus (Traditional) Program Costs

Required: Pre-program costs

  • Physical Exam  and required immunizations –  $200 (approximate)
  • CPR/AED (BLS) certification  – $50
    ———————————————————————————Estimated Technical Program Costs (semesters I, II, III, IV on PTA Program Guide, including full-time clinical experiences)
  • PTA Costs 2021 22 Costs (click link for detailed tuition, college fees, and course-specific fees)
  • Books/Supplies – $1500 (2 years – PTA technical courses only)
  • Program-specific course fees – $336
  • American Databank – National Background Study: $65 (additional cost of $12 per state for maiden/alias name search)
  • EXXAT:  $100 (tracks program and clinical education requirements and houses student portfolio) – starting 2023
  • Minnesota Department of Health Background Study (including fingerprinting):  approximately $40

Total Estimated Technical Program Fees (includes fees noted above in blue, including program-specific course fees, textbooks, and other required costs):  $2,031


Link to PTA Military Bridge program costs, not including textbooks and Anat/Phys II lab kit fees of approximately  $700.  For questions, please contact Jane Worley at


Post-Program Costs (all students)

  • Initial state licensure (includes cost of national licensing exam) – approximately $750 (varies by state)