Clinic Outreach Program

Purpose: to extend beyond the borders of the LSC PT Clinic to fulfill the program and clinic missions, provide additional learning opportunities for students, and serve the community

The Lake Superior College (LSC) Physical Therapy Clinic Outreach Program was developed in 2000. Initially, the program was entitled “Injury Prevention Program” as most projects involved educating various audiences about how to prevent work-related injuries. In 2006, the name of the program was changed to reflect the broadened scope of projects available to students. Injury prevention education continues to be a strong focus, but more recent projects have also addressed needs related to educating children about backpack safety, improving recruitment and retention of students involved in or potentially interested in allied health programs, and other goals. Outreach projects are carried out by students in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at LSC under the supervision of program faculty and staff. Students customize each Outreach project to meet the needs of their audience. Sessions usually last 50-90 minutes.

The Injury Prevention Program is an outreach of the Lake Superior College Physical Therapy Clinic. PTA Students are required to complete one Outreach training in each of the three PT Clinic courses (Clinical Experience I, Clinical Experience II, and Clinical Experience III).

Starting in the Fall of 2012, much of the Outreach Program has been carried out at Keystone Assisted Living Center in Duluth, MN.  PTA students, under faculty PT supervision, lead a flexibility class and help residents ambulate to and from lunch and various activities sessions.