Exam Proctoring

Students taking a PTA course through distance education must have final exams proctored per current program proctoring guidelines noted on the forms below.  Live exam proctoring is required for designated exams for students in the Military Bridge program.  Proctors are selected by the student and must be approved by the course instructor several weeks in advance and follow guidelines on the required proctoring forms, available from the program web site.  In general, supervisors may not serve as exam proctors.

New for Fall 2021: Remote proctoring via Proctorio is an option; contact course instructor for details or watch course announcements.

Students in the traditional (on-campus) PTA program are required to take the comprehensive exam for PTA 2840 on the LSC campus unless other arrangements for exam proctoring have been made by the student and approved by the course instructor.  This will occur only in extenuating circumstances for traditional program students. Proctoring arrangements will require approximately 4-6 weeks lead time.

Proctoring Instructions for Students for PTA Exams

Instructions for Proctor for LSC PTA Program Students (students should send this link to a proposed proctor)

Proctor Authorization Form (proctors must sign and return this form at least 2-4 weeks prior to the exam).  Upon receiving the Proctor Authorization Form, the course instructor will contact the proctor for verification purposes and, if appropriate, authorize the use of the proctor.

Proctor Verification Form  (students should bring this form to the exam; proctors must sign and return the form to LSC after the exam).