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Meeting Minutes 3/4/2011

9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Deanne Roquet, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Dave Olson, Heather Grillo, Patty Dorn

Energy Audit:  Kristi, Kevin, Wade, and anyone else that would like to join, will be doing an energy audit/inventory as a follow-up to the 2009 inventory.  Kristi will send out an email to all employees today letting them know we’ll be doing the audit over break and also give them energy saving tips and the stats from 2009.

Sub-Committee Reports
April 21, 22 Duty Day: 5R will be contacted to do public electronics collection on April 22nd.  Employees and students can also bring in acceptable items for free.  LSC will only dispose of items not accepted by the usual e-waste hauler with 5R.  10 volunteers are required to help with the public collection.
Kristi will talk with Mat and Gary about doing a press release for 5R and other options for advertising the event.
Besides campus-wide clean-out, workshop ideas need to be sent to Mary Neinauber.  The Professional Development Committee will post all workshops/projects set for April 21st and everyone will be asked to join.  The Environmental Council will announce a Rain Garden workshop (Jeri will lead) and Kristi will look into the possibility of organizing a Biology Department lead Native Plants Plot for the campus front yard.

Earth Day
-Patty updated the group on the $2 suggested donation for Michael Monroe’s performance.  Food donations cannot be substituted for the suggested donation.
-Kristi discussed plans to release the final draft of the SPA in conjunction with launching the First Annual Green Stars Award.  She put together a related PowerPoint presentation as part of her Sustainability Leadership Certificate.  The PowerPoint will be emailed out to employees along with the SPA on April 13th and the EC will have a table for questions/comments related to Green Stars or the SPA on April 14th.  Kristi will talk with Max about designing the Green Stars trophy.
-Heather asked the Council for suggestions for Earth Day food.  Students thought of making worm/dirt cups (hydrox cookies and gummie worms).  The Council suggested using the compostable cups then advertising they should be placed in the worm bins.  We will work on signs for directing people to the worm bins.
-Heather is still looking at several options for re-usable water bottles.

New Business
MN Waste Wise meeting follow-up and LSC Success Story Ideas (discussion postponed until next meeting)
City of Duluth Connectivity (discussion postponed)
Rain Garden Signs Kevin and Kristi talked with Max about having the Integrated Manufacturing team design and build informational rain garden signs.  Kristi will work with Glenn on wording of the 8”x10” signs.

Old Business
It’s in the Bag plastic bag recycler: Theresa will pick up the recycler with she is in Minneapolis on March 17th.  Kristi faxed the PO to Kate and has started working on the contract with Airpark for pick-up service.  It was decided that collection could begin at any time after the receptacle is here, but because of the need to communicate with Airpark for pick-up, we will hold off on pick-up service until Kristi comes back from break in August.  Until then, any bags collected can be stored in the loading dock (or Kristi’s office!).

Budget Report
EC balance YTD: $3,143.40

Date    Item    (-)    Balance
7/1/2010    Beginning FY11 Balance        $ 5000
7/9/10    MN Waste Wise Membership dues    $ 150    $ 4850
8/24/10    Print/Laminate 2 compost posters    $ 7.50    $ 4842.50
8/25/10    Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters    $ 7.50    $ 4835
9/17/10    Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration-Kevin & Kristi    $ 70    $ 4765
9/24/10    MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage-Kevin & Kristi    $ 296.18    $ 4468.82
11/24/10    AASHE Annual Dues    $250    $ 4218.82
2/7/11    Online Cert. in Sustainability Leadership, Ithaca-Kristi    $550    $ 3668.83
2/8/11    Northland College Sustainability Meeting mileage-Kristi    $72.42    $ 3596.40
3/1/11    MN Waste Wise: plastic bag recycler + shipping    $200
3/1/11    Holtzman Betchel Co: 2 Rubbermaid compost bins    $253

No motions made

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on march 18th at 9:00 in Student Life Conference Room

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Meeting Agenda 3/4/2011

9:00 – 11:00
Location:  Student Life Conference Room

Friday night heater hunt – tonight 7:00 (Kevin)

Sub-Committee Reports
5R public e-waste recycling and Prof. Development Committee update (Kristi)
-workshop ideas: rain garden clean out, Native Plot (Biology Dept) pilot project (Kristi)
-10 volunteers needed for April 22nd
-advertising to public (budget?)

Earth Day
– SPA and Annual “Green Stars” Award (Kristi)

New Business
MN Waste Wise meeting follow-up
-LSC Success Story ideas

City of Duluth connectivity discussion (Ricardo Haney)

Rain Garden Signs, design, wording, etc (Kevin & Kristi)

Old Business
It’s in the Bag and Airpark update (Kristi)

Balance as of 2/4/2011: $4,218.82
2/7/2011-Certificate in Sustainability Leadership Certificate for Kristi: -$550
2/8/2011-Mileage to Northland for Sustainability Folks Meeting for Kristi: -$72.42
3/1/2011-MN Waste Wise: Plastic Bag recycler + shipping: -$200
3/1/201-Holtzman Betchel Co.: 2 compost bins: -$253
2/18/2011-CURRENT BALANCE: $3,143.40

Next meeting
Friday, March 18th at 9:00, Student Life Conference Room

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Meeting Minutes 2/18/2011

February 18th, 2011
9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mat Gilderman, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Dave Olson, Heather Grillo
Students present: Amy Alves, Kent Olson, Jesse Larson
Guests present: Patty Dorn

Sub-Committee Reports
Earth Day
-The EC approved a maximum $500 promo budget for posters and flyers.  Student Life will cover some promo materials for daytime campus events, those which are directly related to students.  At least three separate posters will be developed: student day activities, convert evening activities, and Michael Moore workshops.  Mat will work with Patty on details and will send out a press release.

-Kristi announced the Professional Development Committee’s idea for in-service Duty Day on April 21st.  The day will entail campus clean-up and clean-out activities.  Two events are similar to those we planned for Earth Day:

1. The Council agreed 5R would be most useful for the Duty Day clean-up but possibly allow students to bring in e-waste during Earth Day and store until pick-up a week later.  Kristi will talk with Gary about that possibility.  The public will be invited to bring items to campus April 22nd.
2. Rain garden, rock swale clean-up could also be a duty day workshop.  Kristi suggested a workshop/clean-up of the West Lot rain garden on Earth Day and Main Lot rain garden/rock swale clean-up on duty-day.
Kristi will follow up on logistics with the Prof Development Committee, Mark Winson and Minor Miller about 5R.

-Theresa has acquired free art materials and wanted EC input on the idea of using the materials to do an Earth Day themed mural activity for anyone on campus.  It would be an open project and anyone could participate and add to the mural.  All agreed it’s a great idea, Theresa will organize.

Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education 2011 Un-Conference, at Northland College is in the very beginning stages of discussion.  Information was passed to faculty to give Clare Hintz at Northland input on ideas for this project.
-Kristi passed information for this year’s Faculty Leadership in Sustainability: A Midwest Regional Workshop-March 23-24 @ UW River Falls to interested faculty.  She will forward more information next week.
-Kent Olson voiced interest in working on campus native/vegetable gardens and also on the importance of revamping our current cafeteria food options.  Deanne suggested he make connections with the Student Senate.  Kristi will follow up with him on options for working on these types of projects.

New Business
-Deanne gave highlights of the first Living Green Partners meeting held at LSC on 2/17/2011.  Many ideas were discussed for funding and planning, all present at the meeting agreed it was an important event and needs to be continued although time constraints on many groups would warrant a position be created specifically for planning.  Deanne plans to organize a follow-up meeting within a month with the same individuals and others that may have been contacted as a result of the initial meeting.  More information to follow.
Kate from MN Waste Wise will be visiting LSC on Wednesday March 2nd at 10:00.  Wade will have Shannon find a suitable room for the meeting as the SL Conference Room is unavailable.  Kristi will email a copy of the MN Waste Wise Recommendation Report from the 2009 visit for brainstorming on topics for discussion in this meeting.  Kristi will also set up a PO and follow up with Kate about her bringing a plastic bag recycler for the EC to purchase.

Old Business
-Theresa and Kevin shared that the worm bins are too full.  The EC agreed we should purchase two more bins.  Kristi got the purchasing information, the first bins cost $122.85 each from Widde’s in Saginaw.  Kristi will contact them and work with maintenance to have them picked up.  Theresa will also make signs instructing individuals to make sure they are burying materials they are placing in the bins.  A couple of trowels would also be a good idea in the worm bins.
-Theresa shared the Sustainability Outcome revision that she and Dick worked on.  The Council reviewed and approved changes.  Kristi will send the latest version to Theresa to forward to Kent.  The document can be found on the EC SharePoint Portal.
-The Sustainability Plan of Action is due to be presented to the campus for final approval by April 15th and is due to ACUPCC May 15th.  Wade volunteered to work with Kristi on the overall SPA proofing committee, Carol will proofread the document once complete, and faculty will take on the curriculum portion in the next couple of months.

Budget Report
7/1/2010    Beginning FY11 Balance        $ 5000
7/9/10    MN Waste Wise Membership dues    $ 150    $ 4850
8/24/10    Print/Laminate 2 compost posters    $ 7.50    $ 4842.50
8/25/10    Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters    $ 7.50    $ 4835
9/17/10    Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration-Kevin & Kristi    $ 70    $ 4765
9/24/10    MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage-Kevin & Kristi    $ 296.18    $ 4468.82
11/24/10    AASHE Annual Dues    $250    $ 4218.82
2/7/11    Online Cert. in Sustainability Leadership, Ithaca-Kristi    $550    $ 3668.83
2/8/11    Northland College Sustainability Meeting mileage-Kristi    $72.42    $ 3596.40

Earth Day Promo Materials: Deanne motioned the Council will pay for promo materials with a budget not to exceed $500, Cliff seconded the motion with no opposition.
Worm Bins: Theresa motioned the EC purchase two more 150 gallon stock tanks for worm bins.  Kevin seconded the motion without opposition.
Northland College Sustainability Folks meeting: Cliff motioned to retroactively reimburse Kristi for $72.42 for travel to Ashland and Theresa seconded the motion without opposition.  No opposition was voiced via email prior to travel.

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on March 2nd at 10:00 in the Dean’s Conference Room Workforce Development Conference Room (E2028). Lunch with Kate following meeting at Duluth Grill.  We will then have a regular meeting Friday March 4thin the Student Life Conference Room.

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Meeting Agenda 2/18/2011

Environmental Council
February18th, 2011
9:00 – 11:00
Location:  Student Life Conference Room

Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education 2011 Un-Conference, at Northland College discussion (Kristi)

Faculty Leadership in Sustainability: A Midwest Regional Workshop-March 23-24 @ UW River Falls

Sub-Committee Reports
Earth Day
-Propose a budget for promotional materials
-Rain Garden workshop(s) April 14th and 21st  (Kristi)
-5R e-waste recycling and Prof. Development Committee in-service event conflict/collaboration (Kristi)

New Business
Living Green Partner’s Meeting (Deanne)

Kate Worley’s visit is Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00 in Academic (Dean’s) Conference Room, lunch following @ Duluth Grill
-$145 plastic bag receptacle? (Kevin, Kristi)
-discussion topics

Old Business
The Worm Bins Runneth Over-follow up (Kevin, Theresa)
-purchase 2 more?

Sustainability Outcome revision (Theresa, Dick)

SPA is due May 15th, but our deadline to present it for final campus review is April 15th. That’s 8 weeks from now.
-form a review committee

Reimbursement for travel formal retroactive motion: $72.42

Previous balance as of 2/4/2011: $4,218.82
2/7/2011-Certificate in Sustainability Leadership Certificate for Kristi: -$550
2/8/2011-Mileage to Northland for Sustainability Folks Meeting for Kristi: -$72.42
2/18/2011-CURRENT BALANCE: $3,596.40

Next meeting
Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00, Dean’s Conference Room

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Meeting Minutes 2/4/2011

February 4th, 2011
9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Dave Olson, Dick Haney, Glenn Merrick, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein
Students present: Tom Deschenes, Amy Aldes, Jesse Larson
Guests present: Heather Grillo, Patty Dorn, Brandon Leno

Earth Day Patty supplied an updated agenda for the 3-day workshop with Michael Monroe including Earth Day activities.
11:00-1:00-information tables in hallway from Student Life leading to the Atrium
12:00-Michael Monroe performance in Atrium
Lunch served, Heather has contacted Whole-Foods Co-Op about providing food
Heather will arrange sidewalk chalk, volleyball, campus & disc-golf course clean-up
Kristi will organize a rain garden/rock garden clean-up workshop and promotion of the clean-ups
1:00-7:00-5R Recycling contacted Heather about doing an electronic collection for the public.  Kristi will work to organize that.
7:00-Public performance by Michael Monroe with LSC Choir and North Shore Community School Choir
Patty mentioned a $2 requested donation be part of the performance as per the original grant.  Suggestions were made about whom the donation should go to, Theresa suggested Duluth Community Gardens.

Publicity: Brandon Leno discussed possibilities for the slideshow which will run during the evening performance.  Kristi will send to him the photos Tom took last summer along with other sustainability related photos.  Brandon will also incorporate candid photos from the workshops and will ask the Digital Photo Club to help with this.
It was also suggested we work with CSS, UMD, and UWS to get broader publicity in community media.

Kate Worley from MN Waste Wise would like to visit Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00.  Kristi will follow-up with her about bringing the plastic bag recycler with her.  Kristi will also invite her to join anyone available for lunch following the meeting.

“New Food Regionalism” public lecture series @ UMD.  Kristi will post the sessions on the SharePoint Calendar.

Deanne has arranged an initial Living Green Community Partners Meeting for February 17th at 2:00 and has invited the individuals discussed at earlier meetings.  Kristi will arrange for us to use the Student Life Conference Room that day.

Sub-Committee Reports

New Business
Kristi would like to work toward a Professional Certificate in Sustainability Leadership online through Ithaca College.  This Certificate requires six total sessions held between January and December 2011.  Payment for this Program needs to be done over two fiscal years and will include 3 sessions at $450 apiece per year.  Kristi has been approved to use $800 in Professional Development Funds and is asking the Environmental Council to cover the remaining $550 for the FY’s sessions.
Dick requested we discuss the importance of this Program with Pat Johns and make it apparent that since LSC made a commitment to sustainability by signing the PCC, the school should think about possibly funding opportunities like this one.  Kristi agreed, but added that because the timeline for getting started is tight, she’d like to use the first half of the Certification as a basis for justifying that request for funds for the 2nd half of the Certificate.  All agreed this is an acceptable approach.

Spring Sustainability Newsletter Kristi sent out the almost final draft of the Newsletter for everyone to review before the meeting.  All info was approved by Gary Adams before the draft was sent.  Cliff and Mat sent suggestions and Kristi presented the final draft at today’s meeting. Some discussion about the “legality” of having space heaters in offices was discussed.  Kristi was unable to find a specific state rule regarding this issue so didn’t include it.  Kristi will ask Paula Castleman if she is aware of any Fire Code issues that may be involved.  Besides this, all agreed it was good enough to send.  Kristi will email the Newsletter to all staff on Monday and get permission to email to all students as well.  She will also post it on the EC Blog and Mat may print articles in the Wave.

Old Business
Kent and the Assessment Committee have asked that we “shorten” our Definition of Sustainability as it is longer than most other definitions.  Dick and Theresa will work on the wording.

Kevin reported that the worm bins are very full.  Kevin and Theresa will look at them and discuss the need for purchasing one or two more bins.

Budget Report
EC balance YTD:
$ 4218.82

Cliff motioned to allocate $550 to cover the remaining portion of the Professional Certificate in Sustainability Leadership Program through Ithaca College.  Theresa seconded the motion.

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on February 18th at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room.

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Meeting Agenda 2/4/2011

9:00 – 11:00

Location:  Student Life Conference Room


Kate Worley’s visit in March Wed. 3/2 10:00 or 11:00-plastic bag receptacle? (Kevin, Kristi)

“New Food Regionalism” public lecture series @ UMD (Kristi)

Sustainability Folks Meeting-February 10th 2:00-4:00 at Northland College (Kristi)

Sub-Committee Reports

Earth Day

-Sandy’s poster options and information

-5R electronics recycling


-campus/disk golf course clean-up, rain garden maintenance (weed pulling)

New Business

Professional Certificate in Sustainability Leadership (Kristi)

Sustainability Newsletter

Kristi had a meeting with Mark W.

-integrating stormwater into EC-Public Information Minimum Control Measure

-fixtures, toilets, tech etc (recommendation list)

-landscaping: new H&S building

-parking lots (recommendation list)

Old Business

Assessment Committee request (Theresa)

The Worm Bins Runneth Over (Kevin)

2011 EC Goals (from May 17th Meeting)

1. The Climate Action Plan is due by January May 15, 2011

2. Review the Storm Water Plan and implement immediate fixes using ideas from Keith’s work this summer.

3. Sustainable policies (purchasing, waste, food etc. ) need to be written.

4. Annual Report


EC balance YTD:


Next meeting: February 18th?

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Meeting Minutes 1/21/2011

Environmental Council
Meeting Minutes
January 21st, 2011
9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Dave Olson, Dick Haney, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein
Students present: Janelle Ide, Tom Deschenes
Guests present: Heather Grillo, Patty Dorn, Sandy Peterson

Patty Dorn has received a grant to bring musician Michael Monroe to LSC April 12th-14th.  He will perform on the 12th in the Commons area, host a series of workshops for students and the public all days and his stay will culminate in a concert on the 14th in the Commons.  Patty would like to see collaborations with area schools, LSC students/faculty, and a collection of media materials highlighting Michael’s commitment to sustainability through ecology and technology in music.  LSC will schedule its Earth Day events for the 14th and utilize Michael’s evening public performance as the focus for the day’s events.  Patty will also inquire with Michael about the possibility of him doing an afternoon performance, on the 14th,  powered by his solar powered trailer for students/staff.
Sandy Peterson will work on graphic design components, Mat Gilderman will be contacted about public information, and Brandon Leno will be contacted to put together a video to be played during the final performance.  The Environmental Council will also help with costs for advertising.  This will take the place of bringing in a key note speaker for the day.
Patty will attend the next EC meeting to continue talks for Earth Day planning.
The EC may also use the Earth Day opportunity to unveil the Sustainability Plan of Action as it is due to be submitted April 15th.

Please visit the Strategic Planning Portal (on the employee portal) and comment on materials Hanna posted related to our SPA presentation.

This year’s WLSSD sponsored Rain Barrel Sale will be paired with the Annual Watershed Festival and will take place on June 4th in the LSC parking lot.

Sub-Committee Reports

Old Business
SPA Student Senate meeting update:  Kristi met with the Student Senate last week to discuss their concerns related to the SPA.  In their December meeting, they went through the Plan and sent Kristi 18 questions and topics they wanted to discuss further.  Kristi discussed these concerns with the Council and will make necessary changes to the SPA.
From this list of concerns, came ideas for things the Council feels strongly about following up on.  Many of the concerns are facilities related and may be applicable to the new building.  All agreed that a “wish list” be put together at the next meeting and forwarded to Gary A. and Mark W.  We will also ask for Student Senate support in putting together this list.

“Northland Sustainability Folks” meeting recap:  Kristi met with sustainability representatives from UMD, CSS, and Northland College at the new UMD Bagley Nature Classroom.  Mindy would like to extend and invitation to any student groups that would like to tour the 2,000 square foot super eco-conscious LEED Platinum building.  Mindy is also interested in pooling resources for future events open to the community for example, the Living Green Conference.

New Business
LSC Earth Day will be April 14th.  More discussion at the next meeting.

Sustainability e-newsletter:  Kristi brought the idea of putting together an informational sustainability newsletter in some format to inform and engage employees and students in projects that are going on around campus which are sustainability related.  Deanne suggested some of the topics also be posted on the “Husky Tabloids”.  The EC agreed a newsletter would be beneficial and it may need to be distributed in many formats.  The Wave will be a good place to start and we’ll also send an email link to check out the article there.  Since many of the projects are facilities related, Kristi will discuss the idea with Gary A. and work with him to get the information.  Kristi has already spoken with Mat G. about possibly helping with format and layout.

Campus Food Committee:  The Student Senate has a food committee which is currently looking into healthier and cheaper options for the cafeteria.  They are meeting with Mark Winson soon and Kristi has asked to be included in this conversation.  Kristi has also contacted Jamie Harvie, Executive Director of Institute for a Sustainable Future and has asked some preliminary questions on where to start to solicit change.  Deanne suggested we ask him to meet with the Food Committee as well.  The group also showed interest in a campus garden; Theresa will stay in contact with Kristi and the committee to develop his idea.  It was also noted that Duluth’s Community Garden Program has shown interest in the past of using our lawn space for gardens.  Past Administration was not inclined to look into this idea, but it will be brought up again.

Parking Task Force:  Cliff reported that the Parking Task Force met again last week and has asked for trail maps to include in the upcoming process to update the Facilities Master Plan.  Kristi will forward maps from Matt W. to Cliff to pass on to the Task Force.

Budget Report

EC Budget YTD: $4218.82

No motions made at this meeting.

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on February 4th at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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Agenda 1/21/2011

9:00 – 11:00

Location:  Student Life Conference Room


Patty Dorn: Arts/Environmental Education grant project

Message from Hanna Re: Strategic Planning Portal

In Reference Materials, please check the PowerPoint and January 6 duty day ideas for enhancing our Sustainability Plan of Action.

Question: Given the feedback and the strong interest in this topic, do you think we should incorporate this theme strategically into our institutional planning? If so, what outcomes do you envision?”

She’s encouraging us to give input on the portal, please do!

Rain Barrel Sale & Watershed Festival will be held June 4th at LSC, 10:00-4:00

Sub-Committee Reports

Old Business

PaperCut discussion with English Dept (Cliff)

SPA: Student Senate meeting update (Kristi)

“Northland Sustainability Folks” meeting highlights (Kristi)

New Business

Earth Day (Heather)

Sustainability e-Newsletter (Kristi, Kevin)

Campus food committee (Kristi)

Next meeting


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Employee Feedback from “Unveiling the SPA”

All Faculty/Staff Suggestions

Re: Sustainability Plan of Action (SPA) from January 6th, 2011 Duty Day


  • Publicize cost and energy savings
  • “What are the true costs and savings of the hallway lamp retrofits? Cost of new lamps? Cost of disposing old lamps? Costs to install? What about aesthetic considerations-fixture design and lighting quality?  Transparency-who decided this change?”
  • “Cost savings vs. cosmetic”
  • “Fluid ways to reduce computer copy paper”
  • “Does keeping things plugged in-does that use energy-ex. Not shutting off monitors”
  • “Where do leaves, grass clippings go” Are they mulched/composted?”
  • “Styrofoam shredder-newer version”
  • “Environmental Technology Certificate (in progress)”
  • “Data on campus closing over holiday-related to energy savings”


  • “Optional fee for green initiatives”
  • “Use Department of Energy grants”

Building/Energy efficiency

  • “Concentrate classes required for programs to reduce miles per time on campus”
  • “1-2° warmer temp in summer-less AC costs”
  • “Climate control”
  • “Control of how we are heating/cooling bldg?”
  • “Windows that open in south facing rooms and fans”
  • “Get involved in Duluth Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP)”
  • “Look at reclaiming energy losses-buildings”
  • “Capture heat from kilns in the art building”
  • “Capture heat from ceramic kilns for art building heat”
  • “Capture heat loss from art bldg.”
  • “Heat recovery for existing air handling units (reclaimed from exhaust air)”
  • “Capture electricity in fitness equipment-pedal power”
  • “Overhead lighting throughout campus-greater efficiency and more “natural” light if possible”
  • “Media Studies: studio lighting energy and cost saving with compact fluorescents and common work light fixtures”
  • “Start solar and seed planting now”
  • “Solar panels-snow/reflectivity”
  • “Solar energy for the building”
  • “Solar panels”
  • “Solar and wind power”
  • “4 day work weeks”
  • “4 day work week”
  • “4 day work week starting summer 2011”
  • “4 day week M-Th”
  • “4 day week (no classes scheduled)”
  • “4 day work week in summer especially”
  • “4 day work weeks-10 hr days”
  • “Reduce work week in summer (especially)”
  • “Close campus on Fridays (summer or winter)”
  • “Limit weekend classes or only open sections needed in building”
  • “Close campus 3 out or 4 Saturdays”
  • “Eliminate individual fridges, coffee pots, heaters, etc.”
  • “Turn off unnecessary power and computers”
  • “Locker room shower efficiency”
  • “Green rooftops”
  • “Garden roof, grow herbs and vegetables”
  • “Wasted flushes from electric eye toilets (ex. 2nd floor East building women’s restroom)”
  • “More efficient automatic flushes (flushes a lot-wastes water)”
  • “Dual flush toilets”
  • “Hand driers (amt of paper) electronic versus paper”
  • “Utilize hand dryers in all washrooms-cost of elec less than paper, easier cleaning, less work to dump garbage”
  • “Increase use of light sensors in buildings”
  • “Motion sensing lights”
  • “Motion sensor-what point turn on lights?”
  • “Decrease office and campus lighting”
  • “Decrease energy use by machines”
  • “Wind turbine 2027? HOW ABOUT SOONER?”
  • “Add a wind turbine before 2027 (by ~2015)- or geothermal”
  • “Wind turbines”
  • “Roof wind turbines”
  • “Maintain wind energy systems”
  • “Sell back [energy] to Excel Energy, Hartley Nature Center”
  •  “Recycling bins should replace ALL garbage cans”
  • “Recycle Machine Technology coolant”
  • “Use of Ronald McDonald cardboard boxes for pop-can tops to help children at the Ronald McDonald House”


  • “Eliminate disposable electronics
  • “Electronic filing system, portals, etc.”
  • “Eliminate excess electronic equipment/outdated tech”
  • “Electronic communication options”
  • “Turn off computers”
  • ““Don’t print this” on all emails”
  • “Video conferencing”
  • “Make equip be up to date for decreasing energy cost including computers”
  • “Increase use of recycled office paper”
  • “Need for better quality printers in classrooms that would handle double-sided printing would save tremendous amt of paper in lab classes”

Employee Training

  • “Educate faculty/staff on tech use”
  • “Offer faculty an incentive to reduce paper usage (copies, paper handouts)”
  • “D2L training to show students and faculty how to use IMS to reduce paper use”
  • “Maintenance-safety/environmental training”
  •  “Foundation participation in sustainability”


  • “More rain gardens to beautify campus-more trees and landscaping”
  • “Planting more trees on campus”
  • “Bulk trees from DNR”
  • “Rain barrels to water existing landscaping”
  •  “Picnic tables”
  • “Better outdoor gathering areas”
  • “Green space for sports/recreation on hilltop behind science building”
  • “New approach to landscaping”
  • “Native prairie grass seed study to make seed and see what grows well here (make vegetative swales between parking lots)”
  • “Reduce mowing-more natural planting”
  • “Quit mowing entirely-let the “true native” grasses grow”
  • “Natural herbicide to get rid of weeds in rocks”
  • “Planting differently to reduce mowing”

Campus Access/Commuting

  • “Add LSC as a voice in support of the cross-town connector trail between the Lakewalk to Munger Trail”
  • “Partnership w/ city for biking ability in all weather i.e snow
  • “Sidewalks and accessibility”
  • “Sidewalks!”
  • “Crosswalk”
  • “Safety for peds/bike use”
  • “Move defined entrances/exits biking areas to access to campus-how do we promote this?”
  • “College shuttle to the DTA hub downtown”
  • “Better bussing to outlying areas – Park & Ride East, West, Superior, Hermantown…”
  • “Duluth-Downtown public transit”
  • “Shuttle-Downtown”
  • “Better bus service generally”
  • “More of bus service, less reliance on personal transport”
  • “Provide more frequent bussing-Saturday, evenings, early morning”
  • “Beef up the bus service
  • “Continue free bus passes”
  • “Help city identify and develop bike paths that end at LSC”
  • “Facilitate rideshare board”
  • “Carpool board-electronic/online”
  • “Carpool incentives (zip codes)”
  • “Duluth carpooling incentives”
  • “Database-travel routes”
  • “Carpool parking spaces in first row”
  • “A carpool/bike to school day once a quarter (with donuts)”
  • “Safe bike lock-up areas”
  • “Schedule faculty to commute less”
  • “Schedule 2/3 days wk”
  • “Allow employees to work from home-even part-time
  • “Common meeting time”
  • “Parking fee incentive”
  • “Have bikes on campus


  • “Solar and wind power-made here by students in construction and electronics”
  • “Increase the number of courses offered in “hybrid” mode”
  • “Hybrid courses-all syllabi, assignments, etc online”
  • “Offer more courses online”
  • “All paper should be online or involved with hybrid class”
  • “Web streaming of classes to students”
  • “Citrix access-secure site for working at home”
  • “D2L training to show students and faculty how to use IMS to reduce paper use”
  • “Expand use of D2L”
  • “Grading papers through drop box-no papers handed in”
  • “Encourage e-text use”
  • “Electronic books
  • “E-books for students”
  • “Less PowerPoint packets to the bookstore, more online for student print choice”
  • “Incorporate sustainability into courses such as writing topics etc.”
  • “Establish a Sustainability Program to train people for the future -probably could get grants for all the necessary equipment”
  • “Lorie Doering as guest speaker on sustainability cooperatives and their work with 3rd world countries”
  • “Native prairie grass seed study to make seed and see what grows well here (make vegetative swales between parking lots)”
  • “Greenhouse, community garden”
  • “Greenhouse/community garden”
  • “Carpooling activity in class as ice-breaker for students, put them into “geographic” groups”
  • “Carpools w/in class”
  • “Community Ed classes”
  • “Green Week”
  • “Create a Sustainability Program”


  • “Grow food to serve in cafeteria on campus”
  • “Plant planters w/ vegetables, herbs, peas.”


  • “We have posted signs above light switches to remind folks to turn them off.”
  • “Put Rigs (Truck Drive tractors) inside, instead of plugging them in”
  • “We need at bus stop at ERTC! (lots of our students live in the college areas for UMD and CSS)”
  • “We could explore using “Dirty Propane” in the Large Aircraft simulator”
  • “Shuttle from LSC to ERTC and back”
  • “Bike lock-ups”


 Suggestions compiled by: Kristi Heintz (January 10, 2011)

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