Meeting Minutes 2/18/2011

February 18th, 2011
9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mat Gilderman, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Dave Olson, Heather Grillo
Students present: Amy Alves, Kent Olson, Jesse Larson
Guests present: Patty Dorn

Sub-Committee Reports
Earth Day
-The EC approved a maximum $500 promo budget for posters and flyers.  Student Life will cover some promo materials for daytime campus events, those which are directly related to students.  At least three separate posters will be developed: student day activities, convert evening activities, and Michael Moore workshops.  Mat will work with Patty on details and will send out a press release.

-Kristi announced the Professional Development Committee’s idea for in-service Duty Day on April 21st.  The day will entail campus clean-up and clean-out activities.  Two events are similar to those we planned for Earth Day:

1. The Council agreed 5R would be most useful for the Duty Day clean-up but possibly allow students to bring in e-waste during Earth Day and store until pick-up a week later.  Kristi will talk with Gary about that possibility.  The public will be invited to bring items to campus April 22nd.
2. Rain garden, rock swale clean-up could also be a duty day workshop.  Kristi suggested a workshop/clean-up of the West Lot rain garden on Earth Day and Main Lot rain garden/rock swale clean-up on duty-day.
Kristi will follow up on logistics with the Prof Development Committee, Mark Winson and Minor Miller about 5R.

-Theresa has acquired free art materials and wanted EC input on the idea of using the materials to do an Earth Day themed mural activity for anyone on campus.  It would be an open project and anyone could participate and add to the mural.  All agreed it’s a great idea, Theresa will organize.

Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education 2011 Un-Conference, at Northland College is in the very beginning stages of discussion.  Information was passed to faculty to give Clare Hintz at Northland input on ideas for this project.
-Kristi passed information for this year’s Faculty Leadership in Sustainability: A Midwest Regional Workshop-March 23-24 @ UW River Falls to interested faculty.  She will forward more information next week.
-Kent Olson voiced interest in working on campus native/vegetable gardens and also on the importance of revamping our current cafeteria food options.  Deanne suggested he make connections with the Student Senate.  Kristi will follow up with him on options for working on these types of projects.

New Business
-Deanne gave highlights of the first Living Green Partners meeting held at LSC on 2/17/2011.  Many ideas were discussed for funding and planning, all present at the meeting agreed it was an important event and needs to be continued although time constraints on many groups would warrant a position be created specifically for planning.  Deanne plans to organize a follow-up meeting within a month with the same individuals and others that may have been contacted as a result of the initial meeting.  More information to follow.
Kate from MN Waste Wise will be visiting LSC on Wednesday March 2nd at 10:00.  Wade will have Shannon find a suitable room for the meeting as the SL Conference Room is unavailable.  Kristi will email a copy of the MN Waste Wise Recommendation Report from the 2009 visit for brainstorming on topics for discussion in this meeting.  Kristi will also set up a PO and follow up with Kate about her bringing a plastic bag recycler for the EC to purchase.

Old Business
-Theresa and Kevin shared that the worm bins are too full.  The EC agreed we should purchase two more bins.  Kristi got the purchasing information, the first bins cost $122.85 each from Widde’s in Saginaw.  Kristi will contact them and work with maintenance to have them picked up.  Theresa will also make signs instructing individuals to make sure they are burying materials they are placing in the bins.  A couple of trowels would also be a good idea in the worm bins.
-Theresa shared the Sustainability Outcome revision that she and Dick worked on.  The Council reviewed and approved changes.  Kristi will send the latest version to Theresa to forward to Kent.  The document can be found on the EC SharePoint Portal.
-The Sustainability Plan of Action is due to be presented to the campus for final approval by April 15th and is due to ACUPCC May 15th.  Wade volunteered to work with Kristi on the overall SPA proofing committee, Carol will proofread the document once complete, and faculty will take on the curriculum portion in the next couple of months.

Budget Report
7/1/2010    Beginning FY11 Balance        $ 5000
7/9/10    MN Waste Wise Membership dues    $ 150    $ 4850
8/24/10    Print/Laminate 2 compost posters    $ 7.50    $ 4842.50
8/25/10    Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters    $ 7.50    $ 4835
9/17/10    Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration-Kevin & Kristi    $ 70    $ 4765
9/24/10    MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage-Kevin & Kristi    $ 296.18    $ 4468.82
11/24/10    AASHE Annual Dues    $250    $ 4218.82
2/7/11    Online Cert. in Sustainability Leadership, Ithaca-Kristi    $550    $ 3668.83
2/8/11    Northland College Sustainability Meeting mileage-Kristi    $72.42    $ 3596.40

Earth Day Promo Materials: Deanne motioned the Council will pay for promo materials with a budget not to exceed $500, Cliff seconded the motion with no opposition.
Worm Bins: Theresa motioned the EC purchase two more 150 gallon stock tanks for worm bins.  Kevin seconded the motion without opposition.
Northland College Sustainability Folks meeting: Cliff motioned to retroactively reimburse Kristi for $72.42 for travel to Ashland and Theresa seconded the motion without opposition.  No opposition was voiced via email prior to travel.

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on March 2nd at 10:00 in the Dean’s Conference Room Workforce Development Conference Room (E2028). Lunch with Kate following meeting at Duluth Grill.  We will then have a regular meeting Friday March 4thin the Student Life Conference Room.

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