Meeting Minutes 3/4/2011

9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Deanne Roquet, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Dave Olson, Heather Grillo, Patty Dorn

Energy Audit:  Kristi, Kevin, Wade, and anyone else that would like to join, will be doing an energy audit/inventory as a follow-up to the 2009 inventory.  Kristi will send out an email to all employees today letting them know we’ll be doing the audit over break and also give them energy saving tips and the stats from 2009.

Sub-Committee Reports
April 21, 22 Duty Day: 5R will be contacted to do public electronics collection on April 22nd.  Employees and students can also bring in acceptable items for free.  LSC will only dispose of items not accepted by the usual e-waste hauler with 5R.  10 volunteers are required to help with the public collection.
Kristi will talk with Mat and Gary about doing a press release for 5R and other options for advertising the event.
Besides campus-wide clean-out, workshop ideas need to be sent to Mary Neinauber.  The Professional Development Committee will post all workshops/projects set for April 21st and everyone will be asked to join.  The Environmental Council will announce a Rain Garden workshop (Jeri will lead) and Kristi will look into the possibility of organizing a Biology Department lead Native Plants Plot for the campus front yard.

Earth Day
-Patty updated the group on the $2 suggested donation for Michael Monroe’s performance.  Food donations cannot be substituted for the suggested donation.
-Kristi discussed plans to release the final draft of the SPA in conjunction with launching the First Annual Green Stars Award.  She put together a related PowerPoint presentation as part of her Sustainability Leadership Certificate.  The PowerPoint will be emailed out to employees along with the SPA on April 13th and the EC will have a table for questions/comments related to Green Stars or the SPA on April 14th.  Kristi will talk with Max about designing the Green Stars trophy.
-Heather asked the Council for suggestions for Earth Day food.  Students thought of making worm/dirt cups (hydrox cookies and gummie worms).  The Council suggested using the compostable cups then advertising they should be placed in the worm bins.  We will work on signs for directing people to the worm bins.
-Heather is still looking at several options for re-usable water bottles.

New Business
MN Waste Wise meeting follow-up and LSC Success Story Ideas (discussion postponed until next meeting)
City of Duluth Connectivity (discussion postponed)
Rain Garden Signs Kevin and Kristi talked with Max about having the Integrated Manufacturing team design and build informational rain garden signs.  Kristi will work with Glenn on wording of the 8”x10” signs.

Old Business
It’s in the Bag plastic bag recycler: Theresa will pick up the recycler with she is in Minneapolis on March 17th.  Kristi faxed the PO to Kate and has started working on the contract with Airpark for pick-up service.  It was decided that collection could begin at any time after the receptacle is here, but because of the need to communicate with Airpark for pick-up, we will hold off on pick-up service until Kristi comes back from break in August.  Until then, any bags collected can be stored in the loading dock (or Kristi’s office!).

Budget Report
EC balance YTD: $3,143.40

Date    Item    (-)    Balance
7/1/2010    Beginning FY11 Balance        $ 5000
7/9/10    MN Waste Wise Membership dues    $ 150    $ 4850
8/24/10    Print/Laminate 2 compost posters    $ 7.50    $ 4842.50
8/25/10    Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters    $ 7.50    $ 4835
9/17/10    Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration-Kevin & Kristi    $ 70    $ 4765
9/24/10    MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage-Kevin & Kristi    $ 296.18    $ 4468.82
11/24/10    AASHE Annual Dues    $250    $ 4218.82
2/7/11    Online Cert. in Sustainability Leadership, Ithaca-Kristi    $550    $ 3668.83
2/8/11    Northland College Sustainability Meeting mileage-Kristi    $72.42    $ 3596.40
3/1/11    MN Waste Wise: plastic bag recycler + shipping    $200
3/1/11    Holtzman Betchel Co: 2 Rubbermaid compost bins    $253

No motions made

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on march 18th at 9:00 in Student Life Conference Room

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