LSC Recycling




Q: What does “single stream” recycling mean?

A: In ALL of the blue bins labeled with a recycling symbol AND the 3 compartment sorters, we recycle  items as “single stream”.  This means we can put all of our acceptable recyclable materials in one bin.

Q: What can be recycled in those bins?

A: In these bins, we can recycle:

  • #1 through #7 plastics, aluminum, glass, paper, magazines, and tin.

In separate receptacles, we recycle:

  • cardboard
  • plastic wrap/plastic bags and other “soft plastics”.  This is paid for and processed completely separate from the rest of our recycling.  Airpark Disabilities Services picks up and locally sorts this plastic every other week.  The plastic is baled, sent to Trex and made into tree-free outdoor products.  In its first year, LSC recycled almost 275 pounds of soft plastic.  In 2015, we kept 555 pounds of plastic out of the landfill!
  • small laser, ink, and toner cartridges and cell phones in the e-recycling tower, located in the second floor E-building seating area.  Return your office printer cartridges to the Copy Center.kiosk

Q: How do I manage trash and recycling in my office?

A: Many desk areas have a larger recycle bin with a small black “saddle bag” attached.  The small container is for your trash, and the larger container is for your recycling.  Employees can submit a help desk request for bins.  Food scraps may also be sorted out if your office suite participates in the campus composting program.  Contact for more information.

Q: I heard LSC has a re-use program for office supplies.  Is that for anyone?

A: Any LSC employee may drop off or pick-up office supplies.   This cabinet is only for supplies purchased with LSC funds (not items from home).  The cabinet is located in the Copy Center.

Q: I have some old electronics at home that I’d like to get rid of.  Can LSC get rid of them for me?

A: Sorry, no, but there are many local providers of this service including WLSSD, Demolicious, and Johns Twin Ports Recycling.

Q: Can I recycle batteries at LSC?

A: Yes, some batteries cannot go in the trash, and LSC collects small rechargeable and button batteries.  Check out our new e-recycling quad bin and info kiosk on the second floor of the E-building near the science labs. If you work at LSC, email: for guidance on proper disposal of campus-related batteries.  You can also drop CDs and DVDs in this bin.

 WLSSD has lots of information on recycling household wastes.  Check it out here.

Q: We compost? Where and how can I compost my leftover lunch?

A: After almost 10 years of vermicomposting, LSC has transitioned to a food scrap pick-up service.  This service began in August 2016, and full-scale industrial compostable paper and plastic products will be collected along with pre- and post-consumer food scraps.  LSC is also a WLSSD compost drop site, so you can bring your food scraps from home and place them in the dumpster labeled for compost, near LSC’s West entrance and Loading Dock.  WLSSD provides free compost collection bags to the public and you can get free bags at most drop-site locations and in LSC’s Sustainability Office, E2120.

Wow, that’s a lot of information.  Make is simple, post a sign in your work space to keep everyone on the same page.  You can even use our waste templates!