Council Structure

Lake Superior College’s Sustainability Council is a group of about 20 students, faculty, and staff members dedicated to moving LSC toward a positive sustainable future through many campus and community projects.

The committee has an advisory role to:

•Implement and support campus related environmental commitment as outlined in our Environmental Mission Statement and Sustainability Plan of Action,

•Identify areas where improvements can be made, then acting as a facilitator of innovation and change to improve our operations in a sustainable manner,

•Act as a clearinghouse for information on sustainability issues, then connecting relevant individuals on campus to implement change,

•Serve as liaison with national and local organizations including: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higer Education (AASHE), Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT), American Colleges and Universities President’s Climate Committment (ACUPCC), Sustainable Twin Ports,  Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS) and Minnesota Waste Wise.

We typically meet every other Friday at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room.

Learn more about LSC’s committment to sustainability or email


Structure of the Council:  The Sustainability Council has a “governing council” which are the voting members of the Council.  One or two members of the governing council also act as co-chairs for a one-year term, renewable, and voted on by Governing Council in the first fall meeting of the school-year.  The Council is representation from the different areas of the college and voters and non-voters have equal opportunity for discussion.  LSC stakeholders are encouraged to bring concerns regarding environmental and sustainability issues to regular Council meetings at any time.

Council (Committee) Chair(s):  The chair(s) of the committee will be elected at the first meeting each fall semester by governing council vote.  Glenn Merrick and Kristi Heintz will be co-chairs for 2014-2015 year. Chair(s) roles include:

  • Convene and conduct meetings
  • Communicating with Administration liaison
  • Organize work-groups
  • Communicate with community partners about opportunities for collaboration
  • Required to be employee

Term: one year, renewable voted on by Governing Council in first fall meeting.

Governing Council=Voting Members: Consists of one person from each of the following:

  • MSCF (one from each division) 
  • Student Senate
  • Administration
  • Facilities
  • At large members (up to 3)

Council Members

  • Al Finlayson (Administration)
  • Wade Gordon (Diversity & Intercultural Competency, Safety)
  • Heather Grillo (Student Life)
  • Dick Haney (Community Member Rep)
  • Nathan Bronk (Trio SSS)
  • Kristi Heintz (SC Co-Chair, Science Labs & Sustainability Coord.)
  • Theresa Hornstein (Biology, Garden Club Advisor)
  • David Israel (Biology)
  • Carol Johnson (Administrative Support)
  • Melanie Kelson (student)
  • Cliff Koski (Civil Engineering Technology, honorary)
  • Jane Marynik (student)
  • Glenn Merrick (SC Co-Chair, Biology & Environmental Science Dept)
  • Aaron Ekstrom (student member)
  • Mike Francisco (Business Office)
  • Deanne Roquet (Biology & Environmental Science Dept)
  • Jeri Schwerin (Biology)
  • Bruce Wallis (Food Service)
  • Janice Crede (Groundskeeping Manager)


Projects & Work Groups

Earth Day: All

Environmental Purchasing Policy: Kristi H., Cliff K., Mike F.

Presidents Climate Commitment/GGI: Kristi H., Deanne R., Wade G., Cliff K

Campus Accessibility: Cliff K., Dick H.

Landscaping and Stormwater: Glenn M, Kristi H, Janice C, Theresa H, Jane M, Aaron E

Sustainability Curriculum: Cliff  K., Jeri S., Deanne R., Wade G., Glenn M.

FOG (Fats/Oil/Grease):  Wade G.

Campus Trails and Connections: Glenn M., Dave I., Kristi H., Aaron E., Dick H

Tree Campus USA: Glenn M., Kristi H., Cliff K.

Waste/Recycling: Carol J., Dick H., Deanne R., Kristi H.


Worm Composting: Theresa H.