Sustainability Council meeting minutes 1/10/2020

January 10th, 2020 9:00 – 10:15

S111 Student Services Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Jeri, Mike M., Dave, Mike F., Jenna, Tammy, Theresa, Connie, Glenn, Randy, Mary, Tim, Kristi

General Members present:




The next Isaak Walton League meeting: Wednesday January 15th at 7:00, “Reflections on brook trout and other cold water fishes in a time of transition” will Showcase Lucinda Johnson from NRRI.  Monthly Ikes meetings are at LSC in S260.


New Business

RSPT annual dues are up.  Kristi outlined the benefits of partnership with this group, particularly in our combined efforts for stormwater education, training and MS4 reporting.  Theresa motioned to pay the $330 annual dues from the Sustainability Council budget, Tammy seconded, unopposed.


Kristi noted our rechargeable and mercury-containing battery disposal is now ready for disposal.  Kristi offered to dispose of these at WLSSD, Mike motioned to secure $100 from our budget to cover any disposal fees, Dave seconded, unopposed.


Connie offered an update on the Food service RFP process and timeline.  The vendor proposal deadline was extended from January 10th to now January 31st. The tour for interested vendors on December 20th brought one potential vendor, and so far, that is the only proposal we have received. Given the new deadlines, Connie will offer an updated vendor interview schedule at a later date. The survey data collected will be used to guide priorities, talking points and scoring rubric for potential vendors.


Related to our food service space, Kristi shared that she and Randy are working on a USDA Technical Facilities Design Assistance request. This has not yet been completed, but Kristi intends to continue to work through the process next week.


With Kristi’s departure from LSC looming, the Sustainability Council discussed options for selecting a new Council chair.  Given the myriad responsibilities that Kristi has taken on as part of the Sustainability Coordinator role, the Council outlined the obligation of the committee chair.  For now, this will include calling meetings and keeping lines of communication open between the Council and Administration, in addition to advocating for a backfill of Sustainability Coordinator position. Glenn offered to take on this chair role, and Mike agreed to assist in purchasing; all agreed this would be an appropriate temporary solution to the gap in coverage.


Kristi offered a more sustainable solution to soft plastics recycling (ie bags) is now needed, as she will no longer make the monthly transport to Cub from campus. When last inquired, A1 offers monthly pick-up service for $25 per month.  The Sustainability Council agreed a contract should be created through facilities to secure this service. Kristi will work with Tara to move this forward.


Earth Day is April 22nd. The Council will continue to plan for this 50th anniversary celebration.


Old Business

Kristi noted the FY20 Workplan Goals will need to be updated, via Tara/Al, on the progress made.

  1. Develop proposal for north trail as pedestrian path
    • Desired Outcomes:
      1. consider appropriate surface for maximum usability,
      2. estimate total costs, development and ongoing maintenance (add: Dave suggests planning for new signs),
      3. account for the trail’s potential use as an access from lower main parking lots to Living Labs field site
  1. Articulate the role of “Living Labs” at LSC (Randy will lead this group along with Deanne and Nate)
    • Desired Outcomes:
      1. draft potential interdisciplinary collaboration/learning opportunities at new Farm Site (add: collaboration/consult with Student Senate)
      2. develop a forest management plan for Miller Creek corridor – identifying terrestrial invasive species threats and management goals
        1. align goals as potential course-related field experience, both through curriculum and Sustainability Distinction
  2. Update campus’ sustainability and energy goals (Kristi will lead this group along with Glenn, Jenna and Griffin)
    • Desired Outcomes:
      1. align with state and system-wide sustainability goals, following Board of Trustees approval of new system sustainability policies,
      2. update LSC Sustainability webpages to reflect these new goals



FY 20 original budget: $8,450 – current balance $6,546.05

Encumbrances to date:

  • Menards: -$300
  • Dan’s Feedbin: -$150
  • P-Card (Amazon): -$167.95 (Compost bags)
  • AASHE dues: -$295
  • P-Card (Amazon – 10 sets loppers, saws) (Landscape Restoration – 10 buckthorn dobbers and dye): -$600
  • Bee-line spur trail Limestone: -$225.50
  • P-card (Amazon – Cornerstone $92.95)


Next Meetings

February 7th, 10:00 in S111


Meeting adjourned, 10:15


Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 11/14/2020.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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