Sustainability Council Meeting Minutes 1/18/2019

S-1913 Student Services Conference Room

9:00 – 10:15


Governing Core Members present: Glenn, Mike M, Randy, Grant, Mary, Dave, Nate, Jenna, Jeri, Mike F, Theresa, Deane, Kurt, Tim, Eric, Mark, Kristi

General Members present:  

Guests: Collin Krochalk


New “member” introductions, thanks for joining us, students!

Sustainable Farming Assn (SFA) Annual Conference at College of St. Benedicts, February 9th

Lake Superior Chapter SFA Conference and Annual Meeting at Peace Church Duluth, January 26th West , Randy will be presenting information on the Eco Entrepreneurship Program

2019 AASHE Conference “Co-Creating a Sustainable Economy” – October 27-30 in Spokane, WA

RSTP February 13th monthly meeting at LSC, room S1981, with guest speaker Brooke Aselson from MPCA on the impact of salt on ecosystem health

New Business

Kristi brought and update regarding the Master Academic Plan (MAP) Goal #3 subgroup work in Distinctions to the Council.  Both Eric and Collin have been involved in the pilot Distinction in Leadership, and offered feedback from that experience thus far.  Kristi gave a recap from our November meeting (review in November’s meeting minutes), Glenn offered an overview of the “service learning” component of the Distinction and our partnership with Duluth Invaders, and Kristi distributed a draft recruiting hand out for Council feedback.  Recruiting can start now, once Council feedback is incorporated, Kristi will send an electronic copy of the hand out to anyone wanting to distribute the flyer in online classes, and she will provide the flyers for on ground.  Glenn’s spring on ground ENSC 1200 class will be introduced to the project in April with in-class guests from Duluth Invaders and CISMA, and recruited for the fall cohort.  Kristi plans to recruit via Student Success Day presentations, Open House tables, Deanne suggested perhaps presentations in FYE.

Randy inquired as to our membership in the National Council on Science and the Environment’s working group, The Community College Alliance for Sustainability in Education (CCASE).  Kristi offered experience with the group at last year’s NCSE Annual Meeting, and very good resources they are currently developing for community colleges.  Kristi also mentioned that she has found value in the Sustainability Education & Economic Development Center (SEED), and wonder if membership with this group would be valuable.  Kristi noted both are uniquely focused on the resources pertinent to community and technical colleges.  She tasked the Council with reviewing these resources at member’s leisure, and revisiting membership at our February meeting.

At our November meeting, April 18th was chosen as LSC’s Earth Day.  Kristi offered the year’s campus book read will be “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren.  The LSC One Book One Campus Committee thought it might be a nice tie-in, and will schedule the events to coincide with Earth Day.  The Council will consider themes that might be carried through.  Kurt noted “unity” would be very positive, Collin noted the Student Senate and the Minnesota State (LeadMN, formerly MSCSA) is focusing on diversity and unity this year, so it may be nice to build on that effort.  Opportunities to incorporate food insecurity and health were discussed.  The Council will continue these discussions at February’s meeting.

Old Business

Kristi offered an update on the Council’s proposed change in waste handling procedures for campus offices.  Mark reported there has not been a move to adopt the change, citing numerous concerns from maintenance.

Those that attended last week’s faculty development day offered the latest details from the campus housing developer and architect.  Of particular interest is the food growing space on the roof of one tower, which still seems to be on track.  Randy wisely reminded us that the plans are still very fluid.

Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Boris was not present to offer an update on the Café serveware inventory project

Kurt and Kristi offered details on the RecyclMania competition LSC will be taking on, starting February 3rd and running through March 30th.  The 8-week competition’s goal is to increase recycling rates, increase awareness and we will be reporting our weekly recycling rates to the national scoreboard and ranked per capita.  Kristi and Kurt are hosting the first team meeting on January 22nd at noon in the Student Life Conference Room, all students are encouraged to attend.  Terracycle options may also be discussed at those meetings.  Collin offered to present the competition participation plan to Student Senate (thanks, Collin!).  Kristi asked for discussion on a weighing mechanism.  Mark reported there is nothing on campus that will work to weigh our recycling carts. Kristi also offered the Eco Entrepreneurship program may want to use the scale for weighing produce in the greenhouse.  After looking at some options, it seems a suspended scale will work best.  The Council agreed, if a 500 pound capacity if only marginally more expensive than a 300 pound capacity, bigger will be better.  Mike motioned to spend up to $200 on a weighing mechanism, Nate seconded, motion carried unopposed.


FY 19 original budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Prairie Restorations (tansy treatment): $300
  • Menards: $200
  • ShelDon: $140.52
  • 4 Seasons Outdoor Svcs: $ 179
  • AASHE annual dues: $280
  • Printing: $13.42

Balance to-date: $7,337.05

Meeting adjourned, 10:15

Next Meetings

Next regular monthly meeting: Friday February 1st, 9:00 am

RecycleMania first team meeting Tuesday January 22nd, noon, SLCR

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 1/22/2019.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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