Sustainability Council Meeting Minutes 11/30/2018

9:00 – 10:30

S-2920 Large Admin


Governing Core Members present: Mike F., Tim, Theresa, Deanne, Dave, Kristi, Boris

General Members present:




MPCA grant for electric lawn equipment, up to $24,000, due December 5.  Grant match is requited.  Kristi will forward to Mike and Randy for potential new program-related equipment needs.

Next monthly Ikes meeting at LSC will be December 5th at 7:00 pm in S-2964, titled “Crowd Funding Your Solar Project in Minnesota”.


New Business

The Council reviewed “LSC Living Labs” content discussed in last week’s work group meeting.  The Council agreed it would be beneficial to invite Mike S. and marketing to a meeting to discuss the context, and the group was comfortable with the document created as a baseline for those conversations.

Kristi brought information regarding the Master Academic Plan (MAP) Goal #3 subgroup work in Distinctions to the Council.  Kristi was tasked with developing a framework for a Distinction in Sustainability for a Fall 2019 start.  Kristi will teach the 1 credit DSTC 1999 course (fall only).  The Council reviewed potential co-courses for 2 semesters, potential course offering for future cohorts as well as associated projects.  The Council agreed:

  • Flexibility in admitting students is important (unrelated to student’s credit standing)
  • Combination of both nomination and self-application with recommendation is useful
  • The pilot’s fall co-course will be ENSC 1200 for its wide applicability
  • Co-course flexibility should be offered for those students that may have already taken (ENSC 1200, for example)
  • The pilot year should be capped at 10
  • The DSTC 2999 course could be facilitated by the same instructor as other Distinctions (leadership, diversity), but continuity from DSTC 1999 to DSTC 2999 is critical
  • Project will be defined by ENSC faculty and Kristi.


The Council decided LSC’s Earth Day could be celebrated on April 18th to avoid a Monday campus event.


Old Business

At last meeting, the Council viewed the State of MN Enterprise Sustainability 2017 Report (found on the MN Office of Enterprise Sustainability webpage).  The Council agreed adopting a combination of the State of Minnesota’s goals along with Minnesota State’s goals was logical.  Kristi provided an update on the Board of Trustees’ timeline to review the Minnesota State Sustainability Policy/Procedure changes (which outline new targets).  That review will happen in May/June.  The Council agreed we would hold off on proposing adoption of sustainability-related targets until the Policy/Procedure is approved by the BoT.  Related, the State of MN is rolling out its own metrics reporting tool (similar to SIMAP previously discussed for GHG reporting at LSC).  While Minnesota State is not currently required to report out on all of the metrics required for the greater State of MN agencies, Kristi suggested we wait until this tools is adopted by Minnesota State because it will jive with B3.  Kristi inquired with Emily at the System Office about voluntary immediate use of the reporting tool (even for internal use); that request will be reviewed.


Kristi had informal discussions with Al and Mark regarding the Council’s proposed change in waste handling procedures for campus offices.  Al requested additional flexibility for users (opt-in or -out).  Kristi incorporated this feedback in the formal proposal and sent to Al, Mark and Craig for feedback.  The email also included our proposal to add cloth hand towels to kitchenette areas to reduce our paper towel purchase/waste.  Kristi will follow-up with those managers next week.


Dave offered a re-cap of the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council’s (MIC) bikeways draft plan as well as progress in planning for mountain bike trails on campus.  Dave has connected with the housing designer, HPER faculty and the mountain bike coach to start a route plan.  Dave will continue to work on that.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Update from Student Employees

  • Boris offered an update on the Café non-food inventory project. He started an inventory and will be doing a cost analysis on products to reduce the amount of trash we are generating.  Ideally, we can get to an all recyclable or compostable waste stream and move most waste bins in the Commons area (with additional education).



FY 19 original budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Prairie Restorations (tansy treatment): $300
  • Menards: $200
  • ShelDon: $140.52
  • 4 Seasons Outdoor Svcs: $ 179
  • AASHE annual dues: $280
  • Printing: $13.42

Balance to-date: $7,383


Next Meetings

Regular monthly meeting: Regular monthly meeting January 11th, 9:00 am S2920 (Large Admin)

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 11/30/2018.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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