Sustainability Council Meeting Minutes 11/2/2018

October 5th, 2018

9:00 – 9:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Mike, Theresa, Deanne, Mary, Dave, Grant, Nate, Cliff, Mark, Wade, Randel Hansen, Mike Mageau, Glenn, Kristi

General Members present:  Mike Seymour




Kristi shared the System Energy & Sustainability Newsletter via email

Kristi suggested we seek a representative from the Allied Health and Nursing division for the Council.  All current members can recruit and invite new members.


New Business

Welcome Mike Mageau and Randy Hansen, faculty developing and teaching the new Eco Entrepreneurialism program at LSC.  Randy, Mike, Mike, and Glenn offered program details with an anticipated fall 2019 launch.  Mike Seymour joined today’s meeting to share an update on the campus housing project and provide details as they relate to the new program infrastructure.  The final city approval for site agreement will be December 3rd.


Mike Seymour is requesting assistance/guidance from the Sustainability Council on marketing the vision of healthy living at LSC.  This theme will tie the interdisciplinary nature of the new Eco Ent program as well as collaborative spirit of the new housing project.  As the Sustainability Council updates the LSC sustainability webpages and aligns goals with those of the State of MN and the Minnesota State C&U System, we will work on this messaging.


AASHE annual membership dues were due October 31st.  Mike F. motioned to pay the annual $280 dues, Theresa seconded.  Motion passed unopposed.


The Council viewed the State of MN Enterprise Sustainability 2017 Report (found on the MN Office of Enterprise Sustainability webpage) and Minnesota State C&U’s proposed changes to its Commitment to Sustainability Policy (5.17) policies/goals on sustainability ahead of the meeting.  Kristi provided feedback on the drafts earlier this summer.  The Minnesota State policies will be sent to the Board of Trustees (BOT) in the spring for final review.  The Council agreed we would align our own goals with those of Minnesota State.  Wade suggested the Council draft a request to adopt the goals to the President for official consideration and approval.  Kristi requested that while members are browsing the web, members consider appealing ways to present data on our webpages, and send interesting examples to Kristi.


Specific notes discussed related to the sustainability goals/targets:

  • Greenhouse Gas: it appears reporting on Carbon Emission will be limited to Scope 2 (energy), ie data that can be gleaned from B3 data input. The Council considered the value of the comprehensive GHG inventories that we completed in 2009 and 2011.  The Council agreed there may be value for the students performing the inventory, but getting the data might be too time intensive for staff, particularly in the Business Office.  Kristi shared that use of the newest carbon calculator, SIMAP (a campus carbon calculator, formerly CarbonMAP, formerly Clean Air-Cool Planet) offers a 2-month free subscription, and annual subscription for $350.  No formal decisions were made on collecting comprehensive GHG data, but Kristi will work with student employees and interested faculty if they want to use the tool as a teaching resource.  The Council may consider the annual membership at the December meeting.
  • Water: Mike M. shared that the Eco Ent program will be incorporating rain harvesting for their program – great news!
  • Solid waste: much discussion on this goal.  First, we need to capture a baseline on our waste production.  This will be a student employee project, building on past projects.  Kristi shared that the State of MN is removing desk-side waste receptacles, relying on centrally located sorting areas.  The Council has discussed this option many times before.  Wade suggested the recommendation to adopt that practice be sent to Al and/or Pat for consideration.  Kristi noted she would like to be part of or lead the discussion with the maintenance crew if this new process is approved.  Also, viewing the Green Office survey results, many employees are willing to put their waste in a central spot, and many are interested in reusable (towel) options for their kitchenette areas.  With individual waste/recycling baskets removed, perhaps laundering towels could be done by maintenance.  Kristi noted we should do our baseline waste audit before implementing change.  Nate noted Lynn is doing this in the Student Services area already, and laundering items herself, because she’s the best. Based on a small waste sort done by Theresa and Deanne’s Environmental Science class, we know paper towels are a huge (majority) part of our landfilled waste stream by weight.  Perhaps some can be composted on site with the new program, and ideas were shared for bathroom paper towel use.  Mary and Glenn also requested more absorbent options specifically for the science labs.  Mark shared that the more absorbent tri-fold paper towels cost almost 3 times more than our current paper towels.
  • Procurement: Minnesota State is not setting specific targets for purchasing, but does have targets for pollution prevention as it relates to acquisitions. Kristi will request the list of Minnesota State Department of Admin’s Sustainable State Contracts and Cooperative Purchasing be placed on the Employee Portal-Business Services page.  Kristi will also work with the Business Office on additional training for purchasers related to the identification of “green” purchases in the Marketplace system.
  • Energy: We will continue to input monthly energy and water data to B3. Kristi has updated the LSC profile to include the Minnesota State goals for CO2 emissions and energy use so they can be used for tracking and visualization.

Anticipating approval of these policies by the BOT, Deanne suggested that per the Procedure’s “General Responsibility” of campuses to “…appoint a representative(s) for all energy and sustainability issues and shall maintain records regarding carbon emissions, energy and water conservation and efficiency, and waste.  The representative shall also monitor and communicate programs, initiatives and curriculum addressing sustainability, including (bot not limited to) sustainable food policies, conservation and protection of the natural environment, and pollution prevention efforts…” , these new requirements call for a clearly defined Sustainability Coordinator position.  These responsibilities should be reflected in a staff’s position with adequate time allotted for all of these responsibilities, and the position should also be reflected in the campus’ org chart.  Wade suggested the Sustainability Council draft a letter to President Johns outlining this request.


Old Business

Kristi offered a presentation and discussion at this year’s Excellence in Teaching Festival, titled “Threading Sustainability Across Curriculum”; thanks, Jenna, for initiating this!

Zero Waste products have been difficult to acquire in the LSC store, due to high initial cost.  Kristi will work with Wade and Mike to devise a process similar to that used in the copy center for supplies.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Update from Student Employees

  • No opposition was raised to putting a geocache on campus. Grant will look into this.



FY 18 original budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Prairie Restorations (tansy treatment): $300
  • Menards: $200
  • ShelDon: $140.52
  • 4 Seasons Outdoor Svcs: $ 193.99


Next Meetings

Regular monthly meeting: Friday, November 30th, 9:00 am, S2920 (Large Admin)

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 11/2/2018.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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