Sustainability Council meeting minutes 10/5/2018

9:00 – 9:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Dave, Theresa, Jenna, Mike, Eric, Kristi, Mark, Grant, Dave, Brandon

General Members present:



1 student employee position for the Sustainability Council has been posted, as Nicole had some scheduling conflicts.  Interested students should contact Kristi.

Jenna is looking for presenter(s) on sustainability in curriculum for the College in the Schools Day of the Excellence in Teaching Festival on October 24th, both a break-out and keynote during lunch.


Old Business

Campus housing follow-up thoughts (tabled to Nov. meeting)


New Business

Maintenance on the existing trail head entrance (west end) to the creek was completed with new limestone and stormwater flow diversion.  Thanks to Glenn, Dave, and Grant for helping with that effort.


Kristi purchased a new trailhead sign with an updated campus map from ShelDon.  With Grant’s help, we were able to avoid renting a dingo to drill the holes for the Interpretive Trail sign frame at its new location, just across the main driveway from the E parking lot exit.  Brian Bich has been strategizing the move.  The Council planned an Interpretive Trailhead sign moving party following the meeting, so the meeting agenda was brief.


Ahead of a new LSC presidential search, Kristi suggests the Sustainability Council work to update the LSC Sustainability webpages and landscape plan.  Kristi asked for feedback on the most efficient way to accomplish this.  The Council agreed word docs should be sent around for individual edits.  Kristi will take a first run at the edits and send around for feedback.  Edits should be completed by November meeting.


Dave shared that he is continuing to work with Greg on potential mountain bike trail development in and/or near campus.  He will continue to update the Council as discussions progress.


Kristi shared that work done by our GreenCorps revealed some potential student-driven projects, specifically related to the employee Green Office Program that Chris championed.  Kristi asked for feedback on the survey, and will send that spreadsheet for review and prioritization of student-led projects.  This review should be completed by our November meeting.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Update from Student Employees (tabled for Nov. meeting)



FY 18 original budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Prairie Restorations (tansy treatment): $300
  • Menards: $200
  • ShelDon: $140.52
  • 4 Seasons Outdoor Svcs: $ 193.99



Next Meetings

Regular monthly meeting: November 2nd, 9:00 am, S2920 (Large Admin)

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 10/9/2018.  Posted to LSC Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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