Final Vending Miser Update

Another update from the MN GreenCorps desk at LSC…

Take a look at the pictures below.  Admittedly this is a pretty underwhelming before and after, but the addition of the sensors mean that 2 more vending misers are installed at LSC!  This may not seem like a big deal but to our MN GreenCorps member, Chris, this marks the end of a major project.  This was a slightly more invasive installation than previous misers, requiring Building Maintenance Foreman Mark Cardinal to drill 3 new holes in the wall.  These misers & sensors are a generous donation from UMD who already has state of the art energy efficient vending machines.  The sensors will allow not only for energy savings in future but also a more streamlined setup behind the scenes. The cost savings are also significant, just the 2 misers installed on the machines pictured below will save LSC $160 a year!  When you consider how many vending machines are on campus it is apparent the impact installing these devices can have.  


Block #1 Before:

Block #1 After:

Block #2 Before:

Block #2 After:

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